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13 for '13: May

Off the board

Since last time, Kenny Hill fell out of the number one spot in a good way for A&M fans, committing to the Aggies after the spring game. Justin Manning has slid down with the Aggies chances getting longer and junior college DT's entering the picture. Christian LaCouture committed to Nebraska. And Antwuan Davis shut things down by committing to Texas.

The Big Five

1 - Jordan Mastrogiovanni TH: 3 AB: 1

Similar to last month's overall #1 ranking of Kenny Hill, it's Aubrey's #1 ranking that has Mastrogiovanni in the top spot, and for similar reasons. The Aggies are the favorite for his services, and you have to lock up players that you're close on. Even more importantly, "The Maestro" plays a need position that the Aggies need to get solidifed. Could he fall off the board before the next "13 for '13?"

2 - Torrodney Prevot TH: 2 AB:3

Prevot's appearance on the list doesn't come from filling a need or being close to committing to the Aggies, but from flat out talent. Quite simply, his overall athleticism is tough to find. I'm still not sure that he has a true position in a 4-3, but with his ability he'll be able to find a role in any defensive scheme rushing the passer. At the moment, his plan is to check out Oregon in the fall and make a decision soon after he returns.

3 - Ra'Shaad Samples TH: 4 AB: 2

Samples stays near the top of the list for a lot of the same reasons he started there. He's a prospect the coaches value, he's been a top priority since day one and there's a good chance he ends up at A&M. The Aggies are likely going to have to survive a trip to Ohio State this summer from Samples, but are in good shape with the Skyline receiver. Texas Tech is the dark horse.

4 - Maurice Smith TH: 1 AB: 5

Maurice Smith makes a big jump up the list after his suitors survived a trip to Alabama. However, Smith has a number of teams hot on his trail. The corner from Sugar Land has become a hot commodity on the recruiting trail, currently favoring Alabama, LSU and A&M.

5 - Reggie Chevis TH: 5 AB: 4

He may have said that he's considering dropping the Aggies, but include me in the group that thinks he's not serious about that. Chevis wants to feel the love from the A&M coaches, but they're still the heavy favorites to end up landing him.

The Rest of the List

6 - Darian Claiborne TH: 6 AB: 7
6 - Hardreck Walker TH: 7 AB: 6
8 - Corion Webster TH: 9 AB: 8
9 - Noel Ellis TH: 8 AB: 10
10 - Toby Johnson TH: 10: AB: 12
11 Tommy Sanders TH: 11 AB: 11
12 - Sebastian LaRue TH: - AB: 9
13 - Freddie Stevenston TH: 12 AB: -

Just Missed: Kenny Flowers, Mike Mitchell, Dominic Walker, Shaan Washington, Robbie Rhodes and Justin Manning.

For the first time, as numbers start adding up for the class of 2013, some junior college players have entered the mix at need positions for the Aggies. None bigger than defensive tackle Toby Johnson. If the Aggies are going to field a competitive defense any time soon, they absolutely have to find some help at defensive line and linebacker, and some junior college players filling the ranks would be a big step in the right direction.

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