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Billy Kennedy Meets with the Media

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“Have some positive news that Dash’s arch is just bruised or sprained, it’s no permanent damage it’s just very sore for him so it’s a situation that’s day to day. We don’t know if he’ll play Saturday or not but we sure hope so. That’s where we are right now. We’ll know more about Khris in the next couple of days he’s getting his knee looked at again, they want to do another MRI. He feels better, he’s not using it obviously, but his situation is day to day also. I don’t really want him to practice until he’s close to 100% because it didn’t work the last couple of weeks taking days off and going half speed. I don’t want to have that in our practice, I don’t think it’s good for him or good for us.”

“I’m still trying to figure that out, obviously Elston will have to handle the ball the majority of the time and get us in our offense which I think he can do. After that it’s going to be experimenting, Naji Hibbert may be the next best ball handler on the team but that’s not his natural position by any means.”

“It’s been challenging. The more you’re in a program, the more you realize there are holes in the program. It’s like buying a new house, you’re excited the first day but then you realize that you’ve got a leaky faucet or there’s a hole in the wall that was hidden that you didn’t see. That’s the situation with this program unfortunately. Injuries are part of the game, we can’t control that, but we just don’t have enough depth or enough experience in our program to weather a lot of negative happenings.”

“We’re all over the place recruiting. We know we need perimeter help and we would like to get one post guy. There’s opportunity to play with Dash leaving and the inconsistencies of some of our other perimeter players. We need to provide some depth so we don’t have an “A, B or C” issue at the point. That’s something I was concerned about in May when I got the job, ‘do we have enough guards that can get the ball up the floor?’ If everything would have went right we could have maybe made it through, but it didn’t. That’s why we’re in the situation we’re in. We had some areas we needed to shore up and we didn’t get the help.”

“When a new coach comes in, you hope he can identify with someone on the team, and from day one (Dash Harris) has been a guy that has bought into us and been excited about our staff. Our relationship has been positive. He’s coachable, we can get on him and he handles it the right way. That bleeds into your team.”

“The fans and everybody have been real supportive and our guys are buying into it, we just need a little more help than I anticipated from a 24 win season. Had some guys coming back, but I didn’t realize how key the guys we lost were. I like where we’re at. It’s one day at a time, and I think we’re improving in all areas. Hopefully recruiting the most.”

“We’ve got to have a third scorer step up, actually a second scorer now with Khris not playing. We can’t just rely on one guy night in and night out. If Elston has a bad night on the perimeter, we’re done at this point. When you see the balance we had against Oklahoma where Dash had 14 and Naji came off the bench and made some shots, it takes pressure off of the one guy. Loubeau has to continue to be a 14-16 point game guy. We got six points off the bench the other day, that’s six points more than a dead man. We just don’t get a lot of scoring off the bench, we have to have some guys step up and make shots and get some confidence and still be good defensively.”

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