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Column: Get Over It

I’m sitting at one of my favorite places to write in College Station, and I’ve basically been staring at my computer for the last hour. Taylor said I should write something about Johnny Manziel’s twitter drama, so here I sit, thinking “what do I think about Manziel’s tweet?”

And to think, the offseason still has almost two more whole months.

But, to be honest, I can’t even get past the absurdity of the question. How many words on pages this week have been dedicated to parsing out less than 140 characters? How many desperate grabs for pageviews have there been? How many articles that Manziel has gone too far this time?

Sean Lester of the Battalion probably went the furthest out to sea with his article “Johnny, be gone,” He writes, “His accomplishments are noted but no matter the outcome of the promising 2013 season it is time to watch Manziel ride off into the sunset. Johnny Football wants out and as a selfish observer, I want him out as well.”

I get the frustration of fans. Of course, other schools are going to try to extrapolate out that because of Manziel’s tweet, College Station is a terrible town to live in and everybody hates it. I also get that it’s a stupid thing to tweet for someone who has so many followers. It’s obviously going to become controversial. My completely unimportant 20 year old self would have realized that and I didn’t even have Twitter back then.

But I’m more concerned about what this says as media, and as fans, that we’re all taking up our own time to expound on 140 characters that are pretty self contained. The context isn’t important, because context doesn’t matter. If a tweet needs context then it’s a stupid tweet in the first place. It doesn’t matter why he said it, all that matters is that he said it, and that’s it. What more do we need to talk about?

Trey Williams tweeted out last week, “I need somebody to watch Netflix with :(.” Should we dedicate time to figuring out if Williams is lonely in College Station? After all, if a five-star running back can’t find someone to watch Netflix with then College Station must be a pretty terrible town. Better yet, imagine if Manziel had tweeted that, how many volunteers to keep him company would he have had?

Mike Evans, perhaps A&M’s second most important offensive player tweeted on the 11th, “The Heat still gon win the finals! If they don't ima drop outta school no bull(expletive deleted)!”

My god! Can you imagine how much this impacts A&M’s season if the Spurs can win tonight or Thursday?

My point is that people say dumb and worthless stuff on Twitter all the time, in fact, that’s probably about 99% of what it’s used for.

Does that excuse Manziel’s comments? Of course not. Was it a stupid thing to do? Absolutely.

But do we really need articles and columns about how this is a sign that he’s going to be leaving for the NFL as soon as humanly possible? Didn’t we already know that? Is there anyone out there who feels like he isn’t headed to the NFL if he has another good season?

So what exactly is the controversy here? We already know that Manziel tweets dumb stuff from time to time. We also already know that most student-athletes just look at college as a pit stop on the way to the professional leagues. Do we really think A&M’s recruiting is going to take a hit because of one tweet?

No, it’s controversy because we want to make it one. It’s a sign that he’s a loose cannon. Or that he’s gone off the deep end and his own celebrity is bringing him down. Or whatever else you want it to mean.

So what if Johnny Manziel really doesn’t like College Station? So what if he wants to get paid for playing football as soon as possible? So what if Manziel is a kid who’s going to tweet stupid stuff sometimes.

The only people that really matter are the coaches, teammates and friends that he has to answer to behind closed doors, and the future NFL GMs who want to know who he really is.

As for the rest of us, the media, the fans, you, me; get over it.

That is, unless you’re still going to be saying that you’re looking forward to Manziel leaving even if he beats Alabama this season. Unless you’d rather have a quarterback who extolls the beautiful College Station weather instead of one that wins the Heisman. Unless if the Aggies win the national championship next January you’re going to be sitting there sullenly lamenting the fact that your quarterback probably isn’t going to name his first born son Kyle. If that’s the case, you sir, have my permission to continue to pound this into the ground.

Anyone? I didn’t think so.

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