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Impact Freshman: JaQuay Williams

Last week, we talked about the much-heralded Ricky Seals-Jones and how big of an impact he could potentially have this season. But why stop with just one wide receiver?

JaQuay Williams

Coming into the spring, Williams was maybe the player that I was most excited to see. Unlike so many of the other incoming guys, I had never seen him in person. And when he walked onto the Coolidge Practice Fields for the first time, there was no mistaking who he was.

In the end though, what we saw from Williams this spring was pretty limited, but here’s what we think we know. For one, when it comes to flat out athleticism, he’s probably the most gifted of the A&M receivers. He’s not as big as Mike Evans or Seals-Jones, but he’s faster. Sources we’ve talked to on the team always say that he’s easily A&M’s biggest downfield threat. In fact, if I were making prop bets on stat lines I’d wager that Williams is probably going to have the highest yards per catch on the team this season.

He still has a ways to go with a few things. For one, his hands were a little inconsistent in the spring. He would make the difficult catches, but at times seemed to lose focus on the easy ones. He also has some progress to make in his route running.

That said, the combination of size, speed and ability to go up and get the ball already set him apart from other members of the wide receiving group, and if he can be a consistent deep ball threat, it gives the Aggies something they haven’t had since Jeff Fuller’s younger days, a true deep threat with good size on the outside.

I said last week that I wasn’t sure Seals-Jones was even going to be the biggest impact guy in his position group, and Williams is a big part of the reason why. Williams already has spring football under his belt which gave him some valuable reps with the quarterbacks as well as giving him a head start on learning the offense.

Let the debate begin on which incoming freshman wideout is going to have the biggest early impact for the Aggies, but right now, I’m taking Williams.

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