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LaRue Keeping His Options Open

It’s been a few weeks since Santa Monica (Calif.) athlete Sebastian LaRue took his first trip to College Station, Texas. The 4-star prospect continues to see his stock rise as he’s picked up offers from California and Hawaii this past week.

California and Hawaii are the latest to offer LaRue.

“Both are great schools, they run great offenses. I like Cal because I’m a big Desean Jackson fan. With Hawaii, Coach Norm Chow, his reputation and his offensive mindset, he’s just a mastermind. Of course, I’m going to take them both into consideration,” he said.

With over 20 scholarship offers, it’s tough for LaRue to keep up with all of his area recruiters, but he sure does give a valiant effort.

“I’ve talked with Texas A&M, Washington, Washington State Oklahoma, UCLA and a bunch of other schools just this week,” he said. “It’s hard to name them all. I try to keep up with all of them.”

Since the Top247 prospect is diligent with keeping up with those relationships, he admits there are few coaches he’s formed strong bonds with.

“Right now, I’d have to say I have the best relationship with the coaches from Washington State and Texas A&M,” he said. “With Washington State, Coach (Paul) Volero, Coach (Dennis) Simmons and Coach (Mike) Leach are great guys, down to earth, and they’re always honest with me and I respect that. With Texas A&M, Coach (Kliff) Kingsbury, I like his demeanor and the way he carries himself. When I was out there, he was such a cool guy, laid back and straight to the point. I’ve had a relationship with Coach (Marcell) Yates going on two years now. I’ve known him longer than I’ve known a lot of recruiters.”

While LaRue spoke candidly about what coaches he’s connecting well with through the process, that isn’t exactly an indictment on where those schools stand in his mind.

“I’m not going to say it’s going to effect my decision a lot because I am looking at everyone evenly,” he said. “I have to choose what’s best for me even if that means parting with someone that I’ve known longer. That’s just what I have to do. Right now, those are the people I keep in contact with the most but it’s still early. We’ll see how things going down the road.”

LaRue is well informed and in tune with the recruiting process. He’s not the type that is going to be easily sold on any option. He gives perspective on what a school must do to sell him on their product.

“Honestly, the thing I like the most is when coaches are upfront with me about everything,” he said. “They're not telling me I can come in and start. They are telling me what my talent level is, and with what they have, I should be able to come in and compete for a starting job. Telling me I can compete for a spot and telling me I am going to start are two totally different things. There are openings, you know, there are spots that can be taken. I still have to go in, learn the offense, hit the weights and everything like that. I still have to perform. Just being upfront with everything. That’s how it's done.”

Despite having a lot of options on the table, LaRue is not close to narrowing down his list of candidates.

“I’m not too sure about cutting my list anytime soon,” he said. “I’ve thought about that option, who knows, maybe I’ll take that route and cut it down during the season. Right now, I’m just taking it day by day. I don’t want to make a decision too soon. I don’t want to put anyone out. Whether it be San Jose State to USC, I don’t want to eliminate anyone until I know that place just isn’t the best fit for me.”

LaRue’s family is full of talented athletes. His mother played basketball at Arizona and had two brothers go through the recruiting process. That’s where his maturity about the process stems from.

“Watching my brothers go through the process when I was young and watching everyone pressure them to go to Arizona because they knew we had family, even my older cousin played there, was tough and I learned a lot,” he said. “I watched the mistakes they made and the positive things they did.”

LaRue has talked with the A&M staff since leaving Aggieland a couple of weeks ago. One of the topics discussed was a possible return trip to College Station on an official visit this upcoming fall.

“After I left, I messaged Coach Kingsbury a few times,” he said. “I told him that I really like his offense and I really enjoyed him as a person and the entire coaching staff. A return visit to College Station is definitely a possibility. The way I look at it right now, is that I’m going to weigh out all my options, offers are still coming in and I don’t want to put anyone out yet.”

At the moment, LaRue has not summer trips planned but that is likely to change once spring practice is over. Santa Monica starts spring ball on May 31st.

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