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GigEm247 is live in the Bright Complex as the Aggie Football hosts their weekly press conference as the Aggies prepare to take on Arkansas this weekend. Follow all of the news and notes in Junction, the GigEm247 message board.

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  • Ryan Swope

    - “It’s real personal.” Haven’t beaten them in three tries so it’s something they take pride in. Have to be critical about themselves in practice.

    - Take it one game at a time, keep getting better, take care of mental mistakes.

    - Michael can do big things, they need him as part of the offense. Has to do the little things right but thinks he’s going to come out and have a big impact on Saturday.

    - Have to be on top of your game in the SEC and really execute.

    - Arkansas defense is fast and big, typical SEC defense, have the speed, have the size, have to play for four quarters. Hopefully with their offense they can wear the defense down and stay focused throughout the whole game and finish the football game. They’ve got a good team and good coaches, it’s going to be a fun week.

    - Going to be ready, know they’re a great football team with great talent and they’re hungry to win, can’t take the game lightly at all.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

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  • - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

    - Would like to come out in the first quarter and start rolling, have to flip the switch a little earlier and produce early like they have in the second quarter.

  • Uzoma Nwachukwu

    - Game would mean a lot to them. In practice the showed that. Told the younger guys what it would mean and how much they want to get this win. Would mean a lot for the program as well.

    - Michael is a guy that brings intensity, you can see that when he runs the ball, he runs angry, powerful and strong. Gives them a spark they can use. Expects a big game out of him and a great week of practice this week.

    - Michael has things he wants to do this season and you can tell every time he runs the ball, he’s running to hurt some people and prove a point, that’s his work ethic.

    - 4 catches and 4 touchdowns is a good ratio to have.

    - Think they’re a physical team, that’s one of the things about the SEC. They’ve proven they’re physical as well. Had a great summer in the weight room and things like that, but getting acclimated to that.

    - Punt return team, you see it every day in practice, Polian gives them competition, it’s not just going through a drill. They’ve gotten a lot better this year. They’re competing on every drill.

    - Starting to get more comfortable with the unpredictable quarterback. You see how he reacts in situations and they get the feel for that.

    - Arkansas is very capable, very athletic, very physical up front. Defensive backs are quick with great speed, should be a good test for them and it should be fun.

    - Whole new team and new year, can’t look back on other years and dwell on that, have to go forward with their team and their season they want to make.

    - Losses to them add to the fuel, they see the Arkansas game and they want to play harder and more physical, want to get that win for sure, just adds to the motivation.

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  • Jonathan Stewart

    - This game is huge, ever since they’ve been there they’ve never beaten Arkansas, huge as a senior class, want to get that win, want to get first SEC win, want to get first SEC win at Kyle Field.

    - That’s important, important for new conference but also just to get kick started into conference play.

    - Wilson looks very good on film, very dynamic. Had a great game against Rutgers and he has a good connection with Hamilton. Going to be something they have to hone in on and stop. Wilson has more experience and he looked good.

    - Offense still the same.

    - Every week the key is stopping the run and getting in third and long. They’ve been getting off the field well so if they can continue with that regardless of their personnel and control the situations they’re in they should have success on defense.

    - Excited to have the game at Kyle Field. Fans should still be wired as always.

    - Knile Davis is a great running back, one of the premiere SEC backs. He’s hidden a bit because he hasn’t burst out on the scene and he has a great quarterback so he gets hidden, but you have to prepare for him and be ready to hit him and gang tackle him and do what they need to do against the defense.

    - Hasn’t noticed why he hasn’t broken out, but he won’t stay down for long. All it takes is one game.

    - Have to prepare like they're an undefeated team. Can't look at it any different. They're a very good team, you watch them on film and the scores not there you might think they won all of those games.

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  • Ryan Epperson

    - First to say he’s gotten some lucky bounces this season. Fortunate not to have a returner catch one of those.

    - Stats are definitely great, whenever he’s connecting with the ball it’s travelling pretty well and that’s a confidence booster.

    - In the SEC field position is a key factor in winning the game, some of the best punters reside there and he’s trying to help them win games this season.

    - Tried to be as consistent as he can in camp. Polian wanted coverage punts, four seconds of hang time and an average of at least 40 yards. Last season has a net of 35, not very good. Was able to give a consistent 45 yard kick with solid hang time and that’s what the coaches liked about his punting.

    - He didn’t do anything different but working with the new strength coach helped. Hurdles and hip strengtheners helped with his power and hang time.

    - Jerry World hasn't been the greatest the last few times so they're happy to have this game at Kyle Field.

    - Facing a great returner increases your focus. All fall they talked about "punting to the honey badger" and eliminating returns.

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  • Damontre Moore

    - From what he’s seen Wilson has matured a lot and is a more efficient quarterback. It’s going to be tough to try to contain him.

    - You can never have too much pressure, going to learn from their mistakes and try to get better from there.

    - Wilson might be their biggest weapon, he was a heisman watch list guy and someone that people talk about all year.

    - It’s about consistency and keeping his production up for another week. Now it’s an SEC game so it’s a huge challenge and another stepping stone.

    - Their mindset is to come out and make a statement. They know it’s a tough setting at Kyle Field, and want to prove to people that they’re good because they are good. Want to make a statement and give them a welcome to the SEC.

    - “We have to make a statement.” Wanted to prove that they aren’t the bottom of the barrel in the SEC, want to prove they can play.

    - Thinks home atmosphere will help them tremendously. The 12th man can get rowdy when the game is close. Different from neutral setting at Cowboys Stadium.

    - Michael had an amazing game last year, that was something they could count on last year. Hopefully he can have another game like that.

    - Film is worth some because you can watch yourself and what the offensive players did. You can see what you did right and wrong and critique yourself and add it to this year’s film.

    - Wasn’t a good feeling at the end of the game. Losing is never a good feeling.

    - Pride themselves on third down defense. Put a huge emphasis on getting off the field and they don’t want to go down in that area, want to keep that strength a strength.

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  • Curios to see which reporter gets bitch slapped by Sumlin today.

  • Watching the live feed. It's zoomed out and you can see the whole room. Bloom I'll give you 5 bucks to go give Liucci a wet willie

  • Kevin Sumlin

    - Introducing a family for “Coaches for the Cure” this weekend. A number of coaches will be wearing patches on their sleeve this weekend to raise awareness.

    - Running clock came from SEC officials on the sidelines.

    - Hasn’t looked at any film from last year. Knows Michael had a good game last year but that has no bearing on last year. Doesn’t have a factor in this year’s game.

    - Wouldn’t single Michael out for needing to improve blocking or anything. Discussion has been why hasn’t he played, and it hasn’t been because of performance issues. He had 16 carries in the first game which was twice as many as anyone else. People are reading more into it than was there. He was suspended for one game.

    - Have three good running backs, has said from day one they were all going to play. Michael hasn’t made it through a full season in three years, everyone has to play. Because of his issues and the development of the other backs, they’re excellent players too. Thinks the line of questioning is headed down the wrong road in regards to performance, not because of that.

    - Malena started last week and he’ll start this week. Shocked that anyone would be surprised that he’s starting at this point. He’s been good since he got there.

    - Williams is good. He needs to get yards and not just hit home runs. In high school he can do that but they need him to stick his nose in there and try to get a first down. He’s feeling that out, that will come with him as he adjusts to game speed. He’s gotten better. As a freshman the hardest thing is to learn protections and being big enough to handle it.

    - There’s a reason Arkansas was preseason #8, they have a lot of great skill. Big offensive line, one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Cobi Hamilton put 300 on the board last week so you know he can play. Knile Davis, going back to two years ago before the injury, is as good of a running back as there is. They have a big athletic defensive line, they can get after you. It wasn’t just one or two people that picked them earlier in the year, they have some talented guys.

    - When you lose a quarterback of that caliber for a game and a half it can throw you off for a little bit. They have a lot to prove. The saying that a wounded animal is the most dangerous applies in this case. Second SEC game, at home, after losing a close one the guys are excited to get back on the field and play.

    - Probably the biggest test so far for the A&M secondary. Driskel played very well, people are finding out he’s a good quarterback and you know what’s going to happen with June Jones, one of the lowest totals he’s ever had. Going into SMU you’d have thought that would be the case.

    - Gotten better tackling on the perimeter just by numbers alone. Speed is going to pick up dramatically. Arkansas has some fast guys. Tackling on the perimeter against Florida wasn’t where it needed to be. This league is a different league in the fact that when the formations get reduced your corners have to make tackles. Physical nature of the secondary becomes a real factor. That’s a transition from the way the secondary was when he got here.

    - About half of Manziel’s runs are called runs. Haven’t run any true zone reads yet.

    - You’re looking at 13 plays a game, that’s significant. If you’re getting 80 plays it doesn’t sound like so much. His nature of doing things, every quarterback in their system has had between 5 to 10 a game.

    - As a coach you watch it a little different because you’re critical of everything and you’re trying to get him to understand the big picture. Where guys are coming from when he escapes, where you see people and your ability to keep your eyes down field. You’re on the sideline and you see it live, but they don’t take anything for granted. Sometimes you can’t see a bunch of the intricacies of making people miss until you watch it on film.

    - Manziel responds well to critiques. Human nature when you’re in a pressure situation or things get a little hairy around you you go back to what you know. He’s been a guy that’s been able to run around and do some things, transition to a complete quarterback is a challenge. Every quarterback has challenges. You have to work on those challenges. From Drew Bledsoe to Johnny, a guy that was 6-6 230, his mobility was an issue so he had to work his way through that. It’s part of being a quarterback.

    - Players love the entrance. Has gotten emails from fans that really like it. Involved a lot of different things and everybody is engaged in the entrance, it’s not just about the football team.

    - John L. Smith, he was at Washington State before Sumlin got there, has known him for a long time. It’s a situation where he wants to win this game in the worst way, after going through the situation he’s going through, they’re coming in here with a lot of pride. Just in listening to their team talk they feel like they have a lot to prove, but he does too.

    - Margin for error shrinks dramatically from last week to this week. Since you’ve only played one SEC game that’s all they have to go on. A lot of things they’ve taken from that first game, were disappointed in the outcome, but the team, some of the younger guys, have drawn confidence from that game knowing Florida is a pretty good team. Obioha, Manziel, Williams, a bunch of them are more confidence now than before they played that game. They hadn’t been on the field. Some guys that are looking forward to playing another conference game.

    - Players have to understand the important of special teams, they didn’t in that first week, now they do. Many players like Nate Askew and LeKendrick Williams now understand how important that is. Your team has to understand that importance, it comes by not being selfish. Easy to pla with the ball in your hand, not easy to play without it. Improvement against SMU was evident. There were more yards available against SMU and even Dustin didn’t see it until they watched film.

    - Going to take some chances with Trey Williams back there, a bunch of different strategies out there right now. Some sky kick and try to cover it, they kick it out whenever they can. Trey’s job is to catch the football and not worry about where he is, it’s Nwachukwu’s job to tell him where he is on the field.

    - Everett can move back and forth. Developed him as a swing guy. He can play safety or corner. Gives them a different look in the back end. Not necessarily locked in to who’s playing well. Gives the team more flexibility at this point than they had previously.

    - Depends on who you play for combination. This week corners are extremely important, if you’re playing a run oriented team then corners are less cover guys than they are physical guys making tackles. Everett has given them flexibility with being a physical corner and a safety. The more interchangeable parts you have at linebacker and in the secondary the more flexible you are without substituting.

    - Said one of his "wishes" on new stadium was to make Kyle Field as loud as possible. Whether to drop the field or bring fans closer, that's about all he told them. They said they could do that.

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  • - Said one of his "wishes" on new stadium was to make Kyle Field as loud as possible. Whether to drop the field or bring fans closer, that's about all he told them. They said they could do that.

    Hell yes!

  • Indeed, drop that sucker and get rid of the track.

  • Dustin Harris

    - Didn't know how close he was to records, was just trying to play the game. Just tries to get the ball back to the offense, had no idea until it was posted on the screen.

    - They watched film after the SMU game and showed him what he was doing wrong and the holes that were there against SMU and he took that into this game and trusted his blocking more. They got the job done.

    - Confidence is why he's good, you can't be scared going back there, that's one of the most difficult things to do. Feels like he has that confidence.

    - Personnel changes every week. Different guys in different places. Don't want to put the same guys on special teams every week and allow the opponent to get a feel for what they do. You'll see this week a bunch of different stuff that they're working on.

    - Haven't done the game plan fully yet. Hamilton plays hard, and they're looking at him hard. He's a dynamic guy. They'll figure out everything after the gameplan.

    - The seniors are taking this game personal. After playing them for three years it's difficult to sit back and swallow that, this game is personal. Want to go out on a note of success, and when you have them at home the 12th man is going to help out.

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  • Mark Snyder

    - Just about everybody got onto the field Saturday.

    - Worried about them right now, do what they’re doing. Were some goods and some bads coming out of Saturday’s game. Were extremely good on first and third down, but had issues in the passing game on second and long.

    - Third down rate has been really good. Put a lot of emphasis. Tomorrow’s practice will be all third down, that’s different from what some coaches do. With their offense, they want to get them as many touches as they can, getting off the field is really crucial.

    - Toney Hurd will probably start at safety. Going against some bigger physical guys and need Everett at corrner this week.

    - Secondary combination changes weekly, you have to be multiple in football.

    - Matthews did a much better job, he was very impressed with him the last two weeks.

    - Arkansas is really good throwing the ball, big challenge. Quarterback really impressed him beyond works. He stands in and has tremendous touch on the ball. Have great tight ends and their running backs are good, have a “whale of a challenge” in front of them.

    - Similar schematically to Rutgers so it’s going to be a great teaching opportunity for them this week on film.

    - This is offense is good, they have good players across the board, don’t see any weaknesses in them offensively. They’ve turned the ball over a few times and shot themselves in the foot.

    - The deep ball is the biggest fear. Been fortunate to hit quarterbacks through three games and that affects some guys, doesn’t affect Wilson. He’s a tough guy and fearless.

    - Have to have players stay on top of the receivers or they aren’t going to play, somebody else will move to corner.

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  • Haven't read this yet but if CMike comes up ask him what the ref was bitching at him about after he scored.

  • Kliff Kingsbury

    - Still working on run blocking but teams are going to make a freshman quarterback beat you, numbers haven’t always been there for the guys to take advantage.

    - Would like to get Michael more and more involved as they go, would like to see that happen.

    - Blocking isn’t an issue just has to “get on the same page.” Have to find out where he fits and how they’re going to utilize him.

    - Did some research this offseason on scrambling quarterbacks, knew they had to take advantage.

    - Browning is a good players that made a bunch of plays but not sure that it’s a vulnerability for Arkansas.

    - Getting hit is part of the game, he doesn’t count hits. That’s how Manziel is going to play so they’re going to let him be him and see how it shakes out.

    - Manziel lets himself run to gain confidence (laughing.) They’re growing together in the offense. Thing he’s been most impressed with is his competitiveness, approaches every game the same way.

    - Protections and route running at big for Trey Williams. He’s done a good though and taken pride in learning the offense.

    - Michael is a great talent. Going to try to get him more involved.

    - Malena’s work ethic has been big, picks things up fast, gives you everything he has, covers kicks in practice.

    - Arkansas is really good up front, front 7 as good as they’ve faced, experienced linebackers.

    - He’s learning progressions and reads, still really hasn’t played much. Not as much as they would like.

    - Done good protecting the ball and staying within himself and staying within the system. When he’s comfortable he won’t be thinking as much and he’ll just play, he’ll cut the ball loose more. He’ll continue to get better with each game.

    - He’s who he is, he expected to go out there and beat Florida by himself, that’s just who he is.

    - Showers tried to do too much instead of just run the system. That’s understandable when you get limited reps but he needs to do what he does, see what he sees and make the average play.

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  • Luke Joeckel

    - Game last year gives them some confidence but the running game this year isn’t where it needs to be. It’s not big problems, it’s a mis-step here or there they have to fix.

    - Went out there and came back and Coach Anderson did a great job of seeing what they were doing and switching things up on the interior. Nose guard was playing right into Pat so they could release to the second level a little quicker. They just made good adjustments.

    - Harrison is the least experienced lineman but he works hard at practice, it’s just small things. Stepping backwards instead of forwards. Really cares about being on the field and wants to play well.

    - Wants to get a win vs Arkansas, going to his hometown and losing to them twice he heard it from his friends. He wants to get them this year. This is a rivalry game and they want to take care of difference.

    - Intensity is picking up this week, very different from last week. A lot of excitement around, it’s going to be fun, 12th Man is going to be crazy.

    - Know they can lean on the 12th Man, they keep them in the game and keep the energy level high. Also know what they’re facing in an SEC defense. Arkansas similar to Florida.

    - Sure they still want to go win games. Even when it was disappointing last year they thought they were one of the best teams in the country, they have the talent you can see that on film, have to be ready to play on Saturday.

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