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Repping the Red, White and 'Crew'

Football coaches and players from across the world are in Austin, Texas, this week to compete in the International Federation of American Football Under-19 World Championships. The IFAF World Championships unites the world’s eight best national teams from four continents. The game matches the 2012 U.S. Under-19 National Team, assembled by USA Football, against a World Team comprised of athletes spanning four continents.

Chevis will be a starter for the USA team this week in Austin.

Well represented in this international tournament is Texas A&M. Sharpstown (TX) linebacker Reggie Chevis and Manvel (TX) cornerback Tavares Garner are starters for the USA team and are humbled by the opportunity to represent their country and the 12th Man this week.

“It’s an honor and a blessing at the same time,” Chevis told Jeff Howe of 247Sports. “To represent your country, and the top players in the nation, it’s a dream come true. To communicate with all these guys under one accord, get the defense fun and popping, it’s just a great experience.”

“Like, Reggie said, it’s an honor and blessing to be out here playing with the best in the country,” Garner said. “We’re just coming out here to win the whole thing and represent the Wrecking Crew.”

For the longest time, Aggie fans have talked about bringing back the legendary “Wrecking Crew” to Kyle Field. Chevis and Garner are confident they can be key pieces to rebuilding the once dominant Aggie defense. They’re also swaggering in their ability to attract elite talent to College Station with them.

“I feel like all the fans deserve it and I feel like I can help bring it back,” Chevis said of bringing back the Wrecking Crew. “We’ve been in charge of the Wrecking Crew, me and a couple of guys, along with some more guys coming in. We’re leading the charge into the SEC. I feel like I can do that. I feel like I can be held responsible for that.”

“I feel like all the schools in the SEC that are winning, who are very successful, the LSU’s, the Alabama’s, they all have Texas starters,” Chevis said. “I feel like if those guys want to stay in Texas, still play in the SEC, they can just come to A&M, stay close to home and come win a national championship.”

Garner echoed Chevis’ sentiments.

“The Wrecking Crew, I mean, it’s about to go down,” Garner said. “Me and my boy Reggie (Chevis) are about to start it back up and do our thing. That’s what the fans want to see so that’s what we’re going to bring to the table. We have a bunch of people on board right now who are going to be important. Like, Noel Ellis from New Orleans and (Alex) Sezer from Mauriceville. We’re about to go shut it down for the class of 2013. ”

Garner requested the number 12 to represent the 12th Man.

So what guys in specific are Chevis and Garner working on bringing with them to Aggieland?

Torrodney Prevot, Hardreck Walker and some other guys on defense,” Chevis said. “We need speed and some strength on the d-line to hold things down in the SEC. ‘War-daddys’ are what they call them. We’re going to have to gang up on those type of d-lineman in that type of conference.”

“I talk with Prevot a lot,” Chevis added. “He’s still looking around, and I just got out the situation he’s in right now, so that last thing I want to do is rush him. I’ll most definitely lean on him as far as A&M. I think he’s really interested but I still think he’s picking and choosing.”

“I’m in his head every day,” Garner said of Kyrion Parker prior to his commitment yesterday. “I thought he was going to commit today (Friday) but sooner or later he’ll commit to Texas A&M.”

Even though both defenders state they’re solid with their commitment to Texas A&M, neither were shy about their official visit plans this upcoming fall.

“I’m solid but I’ll be sure to take all five of my visits,” Chevis said. “I want to take all my visits and have a good time.”

“I’m very solid but I want to go on a few visits also and have fun,” Garner said. “I haven’t been all around the world like everyone else has. I might go take like two visits just to go have fun but I am solid to A&M. ”

The tournament is being held in Austin and the players are staying on the University of Texas campus the entire week. To Chevis and Garner, its enemy territory with all the burnt orange around every corner, but they’re not averse to sporting the maroon and white proudly in Longhorn country.

Chevis throwing the horns down in Austin.

“I get a headache everytime I go outside with all the burnt orange around,” Chevis said. “I still respect them but I wear my Aggie hat every single day and throw up the Wrecking Crew sign everywhere I go. All these people already think I’m crazy but I’m not color blind. This is maroon right here. Wrecking Crew. Gig’em baby.”

“It’s no problem for me,” Garner said.”I’m Wrecking Crew, call it T-Crew, Crew-Regg, we understand. It doesn’t really matter anymore about what happened with Texas. I’m an Aggie now and I’m solid.”

Another aspect both Garner and Chevis take pride in with their commitment to Texas A&M is being a part of the first class as full fledged members of the Southeastern Conference.

“There’s no verb that I can use that will explain the feeling,” Chevis said. “Having a first year head coach, being the first class [Kevin Sumlin] will have to work with, it’s a blessing. He hands-on with it, so I’m not saying he’s showing any favoritism, but there would be a lot of love because he recruited this class himself. This recruiting class one of the biggest for A&M in a long time. I feel like we’re going to finish number one in the country.”

The U.S. opens against American Samoa at 8 p.m. CT on Saturday.

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