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Summer School: 5 Players to Watch

With Kenny Hill joining the team this fall, this summer is vital for Matt Davis.

Summer is the worst time of the year for college football fans. You’re close enough to football season that you can almost feel it, yet still achingly far away. For the players though, summer is a vital time where they can work on some of the fundamentals of their game. Here are five A&M players that need to have a big summer.

Matt Davis - It was summer last year where Johnny Manziel went from contending for the starting quarterback job to becoming the favorite. This year, it’s the backup quarterbacks who could use a huge summer in their battle for the number two spot. Davis has been hit and miss in his time in College Station so far, and with freshman Kenny Hill set to join the fray this fall, he could use a big summer. The biggest thing Davis needs to work on is his accuracy and his ability to read the defense quickly. He can get in the film room, and that helps some, but his accuracy problems are the ones he can work on most during the summer.

Cameron Clear - Clear was a big player this spring, but primarily in the blocking game. The coaches have talked about how he really needs to change his body to play consistently in their tempo offense, and summer is when he can make that happen. If Clear can shave off some pounds while keeping his strength, he could be one of the surprise players of 2013 for the Aggies. He’s got great feet and decent hands, and his ability to block both on the line and out of the backfield gives the A&M coaches some flexibility.

JaQuay Williams - Williams, like most high school mid-term enrollees had his ups and downs this spring, but his talent is undeniable. What he needs to do to benefit most from this summer is just continue to work with Johnny Manziel. It takes time to build chemistry with a quarterback, but that’s something that you can get better at over the summer working in seven-on-sevens. Williams already has a leg up on the rest of the receivers in his class by getting to practice this spring, and if he really puts work in this summer he has a chance to possibly battle for a starting spot this fall.

Floyd Raven - Raven is still new to the safety position, so this summer is going to be an important time for him to get into the film room and learn some of the intricacies of the position. Physically, he’s one of the best athletes on the team already, but he could get a lot better just from studying film this summer and then putting what he learns into action in seven-on-seven drills. He’s a good instinctive player already, but if he can pick up some of the more detailed aspects of the position he could be set for a breakout year in 2013.

Everyone at linebacker - With Steven Jenkins out for most of the spring and with so many new players in the mix, really the entire linebacking corps needs to have a big summer. Now, they aren’t going to be able to go out and work their position like people in the secondary or wide receivers, but they can get in the film room and become more familiar with each other. Even the coach for this position group is a new face, so communication and familiarity with each other can still improve out of this group. Donnie Baggs and Jenkins need to take control of this group this summer.

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