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Talking O-Line with Jake Matthews

It seems like only yesterday that Jake Matthews was a freshman right tackle thrown into the starting lineup early on in his career. Now, he’s one of the upperclassmen leaders on the A&M offensive line unit. After Wednesday’s practice, Matthews talked about the offensive lines production this spring.

Jake Matthews 4-19

“There’s always room for improvement, we have a lot we have to get better at,” he said. “ But overall I think we’re making strides and getting better. Still have a lot more to go but I think we’re getting better and getting there. Have to keep pushing and keep going faster. The coaches have the experience, they know what it takes, if we do that we’re going to be successful.”

Matthews noted at the offensive line is dealing with a number of changes this spring, but that along with a new scheme and a new coach, they’re also adjusting to blocking for a new quarterback. He said that there are a number of small details that most people don’t realize in that case.

“Just all of the little things that come with different quarterbacks (have been challenging,)” he said. “The way their voice sounds, how they call the cadence, how they call the plays. Just getting used to hearing them talk and making the different calls, there’s always an adjustment that comes with different quarterbacks. Especially this spring, since we’ve been mixing a lot of guys in and out and a lot of guys are getting different reps. For the most part I think we’re doing well, we’re getting the calls and we’re doing our jobs. We just have to keep pushing and getting better.”

Matthews has a good point of view to see the progress of the defensive line this spring. According to him, they get better with every practice.

“They’re good. It seems like every day they have more stunts and moves against us that we have to face. All of them are good players, Damontre Moore, Spencer Nealy, Caleb Russell, all of those guys are great players and it’s a real big challenge every day to try to block them. It’s always keeping me on my toes and something to look forward to every day trying to get better,” he said.

The junior offensive lineman said he and the rest of his teammates are excited to get out under the lights at Kyle Field for tomorrow night’s “Friday Night Lights” scrimmage.

“I’m excited, it’s been a while since I played under some lights. Going to be a game time feeling and atmosphere. We just need to go out there and execute, have fun, run around and hit some guys and do our jobs and we’re going to be fine.”

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