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The GigEm247 Mailbag: 4th of July!

Ablake9: rate the top 5 football movies of all time

Bloom: 1) We Are Marshall 2) Friday Night Lights 3) Rudy 4) Varsity Blues 5) The original “The Longest Yard.)

Hamm: 1. Remember The Titans 2. Rudy 3. Friday Night Lights 4. Varsity Blues 5. Jerry McGuire

Bojangles: Dream job?

Bloom: I’d like to someday parlay this writing thing into a regional basketball coverage gig. That or starring in one of PhilCantone’s movies, though I guess I’ve already got that one.

Aggiefan1111: Best 4th of July memory? Best fireworks memory?

Hamm: July 4th going into my freshman year of high school. We had a family reunion in Dallas. It was the last time all the great grand parents, grandparents, grandchildren and great grandchildren were all alive and together.

Bloom: I think the best 4ths are ones you don’t remember, but probably my first summer in College Station, it was just a wild day, I think we started drinking when my roommate started grilling at like nine in the morning.

Dazed2010: Celebrity crush?

Hamm: I’ve had many so it’s tough to narrow down just one. I’d go through blonde and brunette phases. Many have come and gone. Unfortunately, one of my all-time favorites has hit rock bottom recently, and it’s embarrassing to admit, but damn I had the biggest crush on Amanda Bynes. Cocaine is a helluva drug. Right now, it would probably be Kate Upton. Shaaaaawinnngg.

Bloom: I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a fan of Mandy Moore, though since she’s out of the public eye right now let’s say Ke$ha.

ChallengerAg: why is kyle allen such a badass?

Hamm: Dude has all the tools to be great.

NatKingJoe: Nate Askew update- Hamm was going to update on it after the LB report 2 weeks ago. If he did I missed it. What insane conditioning/workout schedule does LJ have the team on this summer? Sumlin said "its Larry's team for the summer" Would love to know what all he incorporates into S&C.

Hamm: Until the pads come on, it’s pointless to start grading the linebacker play during 7-on-7s. That’s why we haven’t done a thorough update. Every offensive and defensive unit has their own “insane” workout schedule. It differs from unit to unit. There’s no way for me to break down every conditioning and weight training exercise for every position group. From what I’ve gathered, “Black Death” doesn’t play around and his nickname should say enough about what type of S&C program he runs..

Rushigan: 1) Do the coaches see recruiting websites as beneficial or potentially harmful to recruiting? I could see it going both ways. 2) Does A&M have a legitimate shot at another running back other than Kevin Shorter? Seems that nearly every major program is in the mix for Mixon. 3) With Game of Thrones being over and The Walking Dead not starting for quite some time, what the hell am I supposed to watch on TV in the summer?

Hamm: 1) To be honest, you’re opening up pandora’s box with this question. So much that I want to say but I can’t. They certainly read every update from every A&M service and the majority of the information we publish is beneficial in terms of providing perspective from the recruits themselves, as well as introducing prospects. You don’t have to look far for evidence of this. In fact, I could spend days naming off examples of how truly beneficial we are. We’ve never once harmed A&M’s recruiting efforts. I can state that as a fact. This market is much different than most in the country. There’s much more petty politics involved with this market that I won’t go into publicly. I’ve been told it’s the worst in the country by many respected reporters from different companies. It’s unfortunate but that’s something I’ve overcome by the earning respect of many. We represent Texas A&M whether we like it or not. That’s something I take pride in and I think we do an impeccable job of keeping things objective with a slight maroon tint. 2) Right now, Kevin Shorter is their best option out of the prospects they’ve offered who are not currently committed.

Bloom: I don’t know what all Hamm said, but the Newsroom comes back in a week or two, you’re going to want to jump on that wagon.

swAGG84: had to pick one to start a program manziel or sumlin? In their prime selma or halle

Bloom: This is a good question because you really know what you’re getting in Manziel, but at the same time how good would he have been without Sumlin? How good might A&M have been last year without Manziel? And do we really know what Sumlin can do long term with a program? If we’re being honest here do we really know? He took over a Houston program that Art Briles already had going the right direction, and he inherited quite a bit of talent at Texas A&M, I don’t think one year is enough to make a definite long term projection. However, I think he’s probably going to be a great long term coach even if we don’t know that yet, so I’m taking Sumlin. Close though. You know what isn’t close? The second question, Halle Berry.

Atlas06: 1.When it comes to the professional QB coaches like JFF is using, who foots the bill for that? Is it the players personal family expense or is it an expense of the school and if so, why don't all the QB's on our roster spend time with a coach in the off-season? 2. Who owns the helicopter that Sumlin uses and is there only a limited amount of air miles he can use it for during a recruiting season? 3. Do you still see Harris going to LSU since they have signed another QB already?

Hamm: If you haven’t noticed by now, the Manziel family is extremely well off. They foot the bill for his personal training. 2) No clue who owns the “Swaggercopter” but I’d be interested to know! 3) I still have Harris going to Auburn. Will be interesting to see what happens after his visit to Auburn next week.

Bloom: It’s definitely on the player, but most players can find someone to work with. Matt Davis works with Kevin Murray in the offseason. I think Kenny Hill did/does also but I’m not 100% on that. We did an article a while back on the guy out of Arizona that Kyle Allen works with.

lbklineman: Any news on Braden Smith lately?

Hamm: I recently spoke to him. Nothing new to report. Will officially visit A&M this fall. I still have my crystal ball for A&M.

brixton: 1) Predict the length of the Raven-Everett suspension, if any (in games). 2) You go to Specs to buy a six pack of beer for yourself, what beer do you buy?

Hamm: 1) Personally, I think it will be held in-house. The most I see them being suspended is one game. 2) I’m a simple man of simple taste. I’m usually walking out with a case of Bud Light.

Bloom: I’d be surprised if it’s more than one game, if at all. But we don’t really know all the facts. I’ll say this though, I doubt that Sumlin would have brought Everett to San Antonio as part of the 12th Man Foundation weekend thing if he was going to suspend him for very long, remember this happened back in April.

The second question depends on the situation. Am I headed to the pool so I’m limited to cans? In that case I’m probably grabbing Fat Tire. If bottles are on the table there’s nothing better than a good wheat beer so give me Boulevard Wheat if they have it (it’s made in Kansas.) Of course Hamm is getting Bud Light... the Houston Texans of beers.

midnight_rider: Speedy Noil, Tony Brown, Gerrald Willis call your shots. Who leads the team in rushing in 2013?

Hamm: Just a reminder. You guys don’t have to ask me to “call my shot” anymore. That’s why we have the Crystal Ball. To answer your question, I have Noil to A&M right now. As things stand right now, I think it will be A&M or LSU for both Brown and Willis. Many twists and turns to come with all three of these 247Composite 5-stars.

Bloom: I’m going to say that Ben Malena edges out Brandon Williams for the rushing lead, but you just never know with Manziel. He’s an absolute wild card on every single play.

Thrownhill: Will Kyle Allen become the #1 overall player for 2014?

Hamm: Allen had a tremendous showing at The Opening but to move him up to the No. 1 overall player in the country based off a 7-on-7 performance is not going to happen. Now, does Allen have a chance to move up the rankings after his impressive week? Yea, he does, and I expect that to happen.

Realagg06: Taylor - I know you've said for a while you think we get at least one of Tucker or Smith. And now sounds like we are recruiting Mama out in CA who has more of a guard's build (though sounds like he has quick feet). Think we only land 1 of those 3 now? Just a little concerned as I would love a high quality tackle now since Koda and Davis could be great after 2-3 years of strength conditioning but Tucker seems like he could be ready to be in the 2-deep as a fish.

Hamm: Mama is a new “target” but hasn’t been offered yet. Let’s wait and see if Anderson approves a scholarship before getting into the heavy talks about the possibility of adding him to the priority list. I wouldn’t be concerned about the tackle position. I do feel like A&M will land one of Tucker or Smith. Not sure why I have to repeat that every week.

Dr. Pepper: Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria?

Bloom: Man, you guys are all about these questions this week. Mendes, no question.

mdancy03: Does Kris Boyd get an offer July 20th? I understand he has a younger brother, Demarco, who was first team all district DT as a freshman. I understand Demarco wants to be an Aggie. Do you know anything about him (Demarco)?

Hamm: I mentioned awhile back that Boyd was a prospect A&M really like on film and wanted to get to camp. Like any other prospect who’s looking to earn an offer, it’s tough to predict how a kid will perform in front of coaches. It’s also hard to predict how a coach will grade a player’s performance.

BigPoppaJ: What recruit do you think would get on the field the fastest out of the 2014 and 2015 classes if they signed with us? Is Brett Michaels the worst reality tv host in the history of television?

Bloom A&M is going to be pretty deep by 2014 so I’m going to pick a position where freshmen can usually get on the field fastest and say receiver or corner, so in that mold I’d say Tony Brown or Speedy Noil. Who knows by 2015 but I bet Daylon Mack wouldn’t be standing on the sidelines very long. And yes.

TxAggieAce: Who's the best recruiter on this staff not named David Beaty?

Hamm: I’m not going to single one out because that’s really tough to do. I’m big fans of Yates, Price and Banks. They’re grinders.

Blake H: Player who will surprise us the most this year (i.e. hasn't gotten much attention on the board). You are in a room with Sumlin and can ask him one question he has to answer truthfully...what would it be?

Bloom: I still think Sabian Holmes has the chance to be a good inside receiver this season, but nobody else seems to think so. Maybe Gavin Stansbury on the defensive side. I’d ask him what the most illegal recruiting saga he’s ever known was.

Darth_Tater00: What does our football "support staff" look like? I see some discussions about other schools ( bama & auburn), but haven't heard about sumlin's.

Bloom: There are a lot of guys on the support staff working behind the scenes starting with Justin Moore as the director of ops. It’s set up like most of the ones you’ve heard of, there are video guys, guys that prepare stuff for recruits, etc. Nothing really unique or groundbreaking but those guys put in a lot of work and get basically no attention.

Brigand: 1. It sounds like from the Opening that Watts and (maybe) DSG didn't test as fast as expected. How would you rate the speed of our 2014 secondary class vs. key SEC competitors (e.g., Bama, LSU, Ole Miss, etc.)? 2. It seems like outside of the DL, safety and some WRs, Sumlin is willing to target smaller players than LSU, Bama, etc. Is that perception reality? If so, do you think it's wise?

Hamm: I wouldn’t look into the 40s run by Watts and DSG in Oregon this week and here’s why. If DSG, who’s 6-1, 193-pounds, sheds a tenth off his 40, and runs in the 4.6 range, that’s the same 40 Kenny Vaccaro ran at the NFL combine. Vaccaro ran a 4.68 at the NFL combine this year and was a first rounder. Watts is very technically sound and possesses tremendous football instincts. Harvey and Collins possess plenty of speed and stack up well against the Bama and LSU’s of the world. Speed in the secondary, especially with Ellis and Garner on campus, won’t be an issue. Garner runs in the sub 4.4 range. Ellis is also a 4.4 kid. Your second question is so far off base I don’t even know how to answer it. Specifically, what players are A&M “willing to target” that are smaller than what LSU and Alabama are going after? I’m really confused by this one.

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