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The Weekly 247

Two Events

The Fourth of July: Yep, we’re almost there Aggie fans. It’s officially July, which means just a few weeks until teams are reporting for camp, and from there it’s just a few NFL preseason games and a couple scrimmages from the start of the season. So get your fireworks, get your grill and get your loved ones, because it’s time to celebrate the greatest nation on earth.

Coke Zero 400 at Daytona I don’t know how many people on Junction are NASCAR fans, but any race at Daytona is worth tuning in for. Jimmie Johnson will be on a mission after basically giving away this past weekend’s race in Kentucky.

Four of the Week

Neymar – Brazil: It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago everyone was debating whether or not Neymar was truly one of the world’s best players. He absolutely dominated play at the Confederation’s Cup.

Fred – Brazil: Fred had two goals in the Confederation’s Cup final, and you automatically get put on “The Four” if you ball out control with a single name like Fred.

Kyle Allen: Allen has continued to impress the recruiting/scouting world with his ability to throw the ball. We said that if he could put up a good showing at The Opening/Elite 11 finals that he could be moving up the rankings, and so far that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Hockey: Hockey was practically left for dead a few seasons ago, but made a big resurgence this year thanks to an incredible Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last week’s NHL finals were the most watched in history according to NBC.

Seven Thoughts

- July… the final month… we’re almost there everybody. Soon it will be SEC Media Days, then it’s just a couple of weeks until practice starts, and then practice reports will keep you guys entertained until August 31st. So enjoy the calm while it lasts, because the storm is coming.

- I’m not really a huge hockey fan, but if you couldn’t get into last week’s Stanley Cup finals, then you just don’t like sports. The deciding game six was one of the best finishes of a game I’ve ever seen.

- Still 0-fer for Mississippi State. I still find it hard to believe that Mississippi State doesn’t have a single team national championship in anything. This was probably their best chance, but UCLA’s strong defense was just too much. It’s almost as hard to believe that UCLA had never won the College World Series.

- How crazy is the recruiting world when we have a quarterback who’s ranked 64th in the country that hasn’t started a high school game at quarterback? That just strikes me as odd about Jarrett Stidham. Sure, he might be the best quarterback in the state in his class by the time it’s all over, but one thing I’ve always said is that there is entirely too much stock put in camps and combines, and that’s never been more true than in this case. Would it really be so bad to wait until he’s at least taken a few snaps at Stephenville before getting the hype train rolling?

- One thing that continues to bother me is when people are discussing A&M and Texas playing and people on both sides talking about whether or not they “need” the game and whether it benefits them or not. What’s wrong with playing a game just because it’s a rivalry game? It doesn’t have to have some sort of hidden benefit to either side, just play it because people want to see it. Some day A&M and Texas are going to play again, and the state of Texas, and college football, will be better because of it.

- Can you believe it’s already been a year since A&M officially joined the SEC? Seems like just the other day we were talking about it. But what a difference a year has made for Texas A&M. Has any school ever ascended the prestige ranks like A&M has over the past year or so? It’s hard to even think about, much less put into words.

- Finally, the Fourth of July might be my second favorite holiday of the year. (St. Patrick’s day always falls near the NCAA Tournament, so it wins.) It’s also the one day where democrats, republicans and whatever else can take a break from arguing about what’s wrong with this country and celebrate living in the greatest country on Earth. So grab a cold one on Thursday and toast to the great things about living in the good ole USA.

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