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Thursday Three: Spring Surprises

Derel Walker could be a surprise this spring at wide receiver.

Each spring, there are players you expect to take a step forward. Whether they were young the year before, or they played behind a veteran player, there are players whose number you know is going to be called. For A&M, that’s guys like Mike Matthews or Donnie Baggs. But what about players who were sidelined for other reasons a year ago? This week’s “Thursday Three” looks at a few players who could come out of the shadows and surprise the casual fans this spring.

Brandon Alexander: Brandon Alexander is a guy that did not mesh well with this coaching staff when they first arrived in Aggieland, but reports are that he started picking it up last falls, and that he’s come back with a new attitude this spring. We’ve heard this story before, but if Alexander has truly come around, it will make a major difference for the Aggies next season. He’s one of the truly gifted athletes on the roster. If he does turn things around and realize his potential, he could be the next in a line of Aggie greats who have had their issues with coaching staffs early on. Both Von Miller and Damontre Moore had issues as younger players.

Derel Walker: This one might be a little more of a longshot, but Walker seems to be a guy that’s flying under the radar of the wide receiver group. He has one thing on his side that none of the newcomers have, and that’s experience playing with Johnny Manziel. In A&M’s offensive system, trusting where the receivers are going to be is almost as big of a factor in the passing game as their ability to get open on their own. He’s not going to be a player that many are expecting to see big things from this spring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the surprises coming out of it.

Tramain Jacobs: Similar to Walker, Jacobs was a junior college transfer that expectations were probably too high for coming in. However, now with a season under his belt, I look for him to take a big step forward this spring and to really help the Aggies at corner next year. Jacobs is a physical guy who has the athletic tools to be a top flight corner, and perhaps he’ll put it all together this year. Don’t be surprised if he’s right in the mix for a starting corner spot by the time the spring is over. I went back and forth between Jacobs and Floyd Raven here, but I’m going with Jacobs.

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