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  • Honestly Georgia what does the SEC have to gain by adding the sips?
    1.Slive has his TV revenue where he wants it.

    2.tu is now playing second fiddle (actually tied for 3rd with that school in waco) in Tx recruiting so why give them an advantage with a SEC carrot that they can offer to potential commits.

    3.The austin crowd isn't used to playing "equal share" in revenue split and I doubt they will conform. I can see that they may try to worm their way into the conference in the future as their program spirals down but I doubt we will be willing to throw them a life buoy.

    4.There is no logical reason to add them whatsoever.

    imo dodds' ultimate objective is to go independent eventually, like the domers, in his arrogant pursuit of the wet dream cow shit name brand....

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  • Well I've read enough of your body of work now to realize you have no real intent to establish a point to your argument so I'll give you the stage so you can enjoy your monologue.

    BTW, this post isn't directed at anyone other than jarig.

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  • Texas isn't completely powerless, much to the contrary. They're far and away the most powerful school in the 2nd best conference, albeit the 4th or 5th richest.

    But they do not have the option of joining the SEC and will not barring massive changes in the college football landscape.

    Is adding Texas in a vacuum an attractive option for a conference? Resounding yes.

    Is adding Texas and having to deal with their power trip worth it to the SEC having already added A&M? Especially given that the tv ratings have conclusively demonstrated that A&M did, in fact, deliver the entire Texas market, contrary to what the sips and everyone else trying to keep us in the Big12 were hoping and praying...

    No. Not even close. Adding Texas AT THIS POINT doesn't really do much for the SEC. And Texas is a complete cultural clash from the entire rest of the conference.

    It's not happening, regardless of how much Texas regrets their dumb decision.

  • First of all, let me restate that my point from the beginning was to not dismiss the horns and to consider the power they can bring to bear, if and when they get their shit together. Now the comforting part is they probably won’t as long as Dodds is there, but unfortunately, he is like 80 or so, and that means they may actually get lucky and find a visionary rather than someone with an axe grinding ego.

    Second, what we assume as stability now is destined to change and the temptation is to look at it as a static rather than a dynamic situation. Yes, there is no current reason to add the horns, but the only logical reason to add them in the future is when money becomes too compelling for either side to ignore. And in this environment and economy, no one, including state run educational institutions, will ignore an opportunity to make more. And the power that tv money can bring in the future is an unknown.

    Not to put them on par with ND, but on one would turn them down if they were to choose to join a conference. Not even the SEC. And the reason is money. And as much as we respect Commissioner Slive, the talk is that he is stepping down after the next round of tv contracts are complete. And once that happens we all know that these contracts have “revisit clauses” that allow for renegotiating terms. They’re in there for a reason, and not just so they can come back if and when we add a NC State or VT.

    I am not making a prediction. But I am in the business of managing expectations, and when I see someone say they (the horns) don’t matter, I see the potential for a whole lotta disappointment for some in the future.

  • They've already been turned down by 3 conferences, brother. You're not paying attention.

  • Every conference would take Texas under their own terms. The Big12 is the only conference that wants Texas under Texas' terms. And Texas has thus far been uncompromising.

    They are the hottest rich girl that everyone knows has HIV. Nice to look at, but nobody would fuck with their buddy's dick.

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  • You're problem is:

    A.) You refuse to accept all of the items brought on this thread as legitimate reasons against them.

    B.) You can't get over the Trillion Dollar Coin Theory that sip claims they are worth (see my "moo" comment from previous post).

    Do they have great value? Yes. But it is far from infinite, like they keep telling you.

    Further, their overall value to the SEC is nearly worthless, because we already bring the ENTIRE FUCKING STATE OF TEXAS WITH US (see the tv ratings in Austin, since you absolutely refuse to believe your brethren). They are not ND. They do not bring a national audience (even though they claim differently). See the success of the LHN, if you continue to illogically disagree.

    Also, no one is assuming that the college football landscape is a static scenario. But with all of the information you have been given on this thread, you still keep playing the Doubting Thomas as if you have some hidden information that DeLoss himself doesn't have.

    I'm going to put this back on you. Give me one scenario where they COULD join the SEC. Just one. "They're Texas" doesn't fly. The economic, political AND contractual dynamics just aren't there, my friend.

    I'll hang up and wait for your informed response.

  • If Texas applied, and the other schools didn't block them, I'd lead the campaign to go scorched earth on that bitch and get Clemson, FSU, and Georgia Tech into that bitch.

    Are you kidding? I could hear that arrow a mile away.