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247 unveils player database 2.0

  • Well, damn. Idk, that's just what I was told. shrug

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  • Perroni - I think you guys should also get more points for making a "bold" prediction that is correct. For example, I know you recently changed your prediction of Adams from Texas to us but Hamilton, Burton, Blake, and Howe all have Texas getting him so you are outnumbered 4 to 1. The "safe" prediction for you would just be to say Texas because if you are wrong, then at least so is everyone else. But if you are right (which I hope you are), it makes it all that more impressive and shows off that you have more skill with your predictions than the other guy. Please pass it along.

  • Not a bad idea but I think that might encourage people to make "bold" predictions simply for the sake of doing so and getting more points for it. If that's the case, then the Crystal Ball really wouldn't serve fans the way it is supposed to - to cut through the BS and let you know straightforward where he think a kid is headed.

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  • sorry - just saw this. maybe. But since people can track your accuracy and they see you are wrong all the time, they'll stop listening. It could also penalize more for a wrong bold prediction. E.g., 1 pt for correct safe answer, -1 pt for incorrect safe answer, 3 pts for correct bold answer, -3 pts for incorrect bold answer.

    What got me thinking about this is that behavior of analysts on Wall Street. Studies have shown that bold analysts that make recommendations about a company that most people don't are actually MORE accurate than the other people that just herd to the "safe" answer. I'm just worried that the current system for crystal ball could result in a similar thing. For example, if you and Taylor both feel strongly about a recruit going to A&M and post that, several of the other national guys may just make the safe prediction since it seems like a safe bet. However, they don't have any sources of their own and are just piggy backing off your ideas. So really, while crystal ball should just show 2 people think the guy is coming to A&M, it will show 6 guys which that say that which can give false confidence that A&M is a sure thing. However, rewarding people more for making a bold prediction where they would have to be gaining their OWN information and their own prediction would actually result in 247 having more total knowledge about a recruit.

    Regardless, it's a cool feature. They should definitely make it a competition though and give bonuses nationally for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place accuracy. Keep up the great work 247.