Bear's State of the Union Updated Defense

  • Not as good as a once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was..

    I woke up this morning to a txt that St Nicholas Harvey brought Christmas a little early for us Aggies.. I literally started singing joyous tunes. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, clap clap;) Come on you heathens, do that at home with me..

    Then a little later at the office I tuned into the man, Johnny Hurricane, No Johnny Gun, No Johnny B Goode, Johnny Football, but finally Johnny Heisman..

    Hold on, pouring a lil tasty Buffalo Trace.

    It's really a great time to be an Aggie. That's the tone of the day is it's a great day to be a Tx Aggie. I want my fine fellows to walk shoulders back, tits to the sky. Lean a lil like a brotha with a limp. you've earned it..

    A&M faced the 2 headed monster at the gates of hell, and we battled and battled for a year, and finally, we killed that son of a bitch.. We got to the SEC..

    I fought just like many of you. I knew this was a good decision. Never in my mind did I imagine it would be this good. A lot of folks wanted to go to SEC for the parties, for the atmposhere. Some wanted to be able to set our own destination apart from tu which we knew would always keep us down. For me, it was about one thing and one thing only. Being a Football whore. Forgive my language and I mean it in the nicest way, but it's about leaving and breathing the pigskin. I knew we would never be able to be great at football, until we learned how to be tough. Until we took this game seriously. We have hired good coaches but coaches that wanted to do things the gentlemenly way. That's nice and all until you realize that we are paying jocks to teach a game 2-5 million type dollars per year to coach. You think football is important? This is a game. What's my point, We had to decide to quit letting teams take advantage of us. No more, well, we won't fight back when teams negatively recruit. We won't send a Swagcopter to a kid's game to make sure they know how damn important they are to us. We won't spend 15 hours a day evaluating diamonds in the rough (and Some are great men), we went into the sparring session and took off the gloves and went to town.

    The days of a Randy Jordan asking Hammer how far is Brenham are over. We have coaches recruiting in Hawaii for crying out loud. Recruiting isn't a little boy blue kind of game. It's along with politics and mafia the most competitive, combative business there is. I always equated it to War and a lot of folks got pissed at me back in the day because they served and they don't understand. Yes, lives weren't dieing, but hearts were. Seeing teams like ou come in and just take Corey Nelson from us and see our coaches with tears in their eyes tell me how if only we had a fvcking lb coach. Get out of here.. This is big boy football..

    Kevin Sumlin has come in and us Aggies don't know what to do with ourselves. We have stud recruits visiting us, twittering about us, talking about us, putting our posters on the wall and doing things that they shouldn't be telling their mommas about. That's what this is.

    What's the only problem we have? Not enough scholarships. Even our coaches didn't realize the kind of love they would be getting right now..

    Rule 1: don't pass up a kid that's better than what's in your 2 deep. Well Daddy, Rule 1 sucks this year. We have lb's that are all better than what we have on our roster and we are getting interest from lb's that are better than them and we can't take them all. Love it..

    Rule 2: Never cry over a white guy or private school kid. It's not that they can't play, but statistics are not in your favor.

    Today, TX A&M lands maybe the top db in this class in St. Nicholas Harvey. He and Cedric Collins give us two super cecils and Sumlin hadn't even starting cooking dinner. This is just appetizers.

    If you like 2013, 2014 to me is just going to be super salty. It's not a great year for talent, but it is at db, lb and I expect us to load up the truck.

    I compared Nick Harvey to Eric Berry and to my surprize (yeah right), it came with fire because it was such a super clutch comparison, the game was over. Nick has the hips to play corner, the speed to play anywhere, but he has the physicality of a safety. I love him (not like) but love him as a cover safety. a guy that can play FS and a guy that's not letting Amari Cooper behind him. He's the kind of safety that everyone in Texas is missing. He, Ced Collins, Edwin Freeman (safety), Jamal Adams, Tony Brown, Ed Paris, and Nick Harvey (big cb) are your super cecil guys for next year. that's 7. I think we will get 4 of these cats. Seriously.. That's beautiful..

    The biggest difference between this class and year's past is there just isn't many reaches or semi reaches. I mean, the guys that we are complaining about, Brett Wade, Jordan Points, Sezar, Quincy are all having some of if not the best sr years and they are all coming in December (not Quincy). That's tough to beat.

    Let's evaluate who we end up with.

    right now, I have us with 31 kids commited with 2-4 kids being grade risk or other risk that may not sign.

    Per SEC rules we can only ink 25 at signing day. Now then, with us signing 19 last year with 4 backdated to 2011 and with Ed Ray not getting in, we can have as many as 11 mid termers. That's right, we can sign a max of 36 kids if my numbers are correct. 11 for mid term, and 25 at may. that's crazy. If you aren't any good, you may need to look over your shoulder.

    I have right now

    1. Kenny Flowers 3 to play 3
    2. Rob Zimmerman 3 to play 3
    3. Jordan Points (make it brother)
    4. Alex Sezar
    5. Brett Wade
    6. Reggie Chevis
    7. Jeremiah Was a bull frog Stuckey.

    Who's left? I think we want to cap it at 3.

    If you notice we pulled off on Myke Tavarres, we pulled off on Sanders, and we didn't offer the other guys. Why?

    Well, we have JuQuay Williams (stud), Cam Clear, and probably the Most important recruit left, Zadarius Smith.
    We will get 2 out of these 3, but I could see us getting all 3.

    If I have a 4th spot, the Bear's going after Tommy Sanders. I just love that kid's explosive speed. Reminds me of Charlie Thomas on Steroids. he's blazing fast and even if he's not a first down lb, he would be our starting nickel lb where he can blitz, cover, go sideline to sideline, enforce the middle, come up on a qb scramble and hit the qb, etc. He's the perfect nickel lb. Well, we are running nickel probably 40+% of the time. this year maybe we ran it 50%. He reminds me of Bruce Carter the cowboys lb that got hurt. A tad undersized but better stack than outside the de type. not a true run plugging inside guy but a guy that is a little deeper and just flys to the ball. If we can still take the other 3, I take this young man. That would be 11 mid termers. Seriously, that's a lot of guys. I think A&M feels really good with the 3 which is why they may wait on Sanders a tad. Or we may be waiting to see how we feel with the lb's. We are going to put the gun to the head of a lb or two really quickly and say, we need to no amigo.

    Juquay is the biggest star. Not because of need but it is another example of the worm turning. The kid would be perfect in the spring and then the fall coming in opposite of Mike Evans. I wouldn't know what to do seeing these two guys.

    So we have 24 commits right now for may which means 1 more. but we do have a db risk and a dt or two risk.
    We also have a qb that I always wonder what he decides to do (I know signing day is before the major league draft).

    So I see us having 3-4 may grads max and this is where it gets fun.

    My take is RSJ will be one. Forget all the bull chit, this young man is from Sealy. He's an Aggie or sip. With sips pulling out, where do you think he's going?

    Justin Manning, this one I feel good about, but I always watch out for grade risk dt's from Dallas that tend to love momma a lot. I feel very good about him but it does have a little Ladarius Brown feeling in this one.
    If for some reason Manning chooses elsewhere, I think we would look a little lighter and maybe a de.

    Finally a lb. I think we get Savage. I really do..Some say, well what about Master and Mitchell. I could see Mitchell but I think Master is a sooner and it's good. I don't like any player that's scared of us winning. That's too much logic for me. I want a lb that believes wherever he is, will win. Am I worried, no, but he's the guy I want the most. Really do. Do we have guys that could be better, sure. But he's physically a mauler and I like that in the SEC from my mike.

    I don't think we will get McKenzie but would love to have him.

    If Mitchell wants to be an Aggie, he better hurry up. I like Mithcell for Sam but he's a guy that I do have some ?'s. He's got great measurables and good length. I actually think he would do really good in a 3-4 as a drop lb where he can play more like a standup de. Not big on him at all behind the def line in a stack spot. Hammer loves him. I see some talent but I also see some uncoordination that makes me a little leery. But I hate private school lb's. Look at the ones that have played. You just see a poor poor hit rate. Who was the lb from St Pius that went ot mich, then ou (Kellen Jones?), then you have Robbie Hankins (Zona) done, etc. But I do think he can play Sam and he does have upside ability. Would I take him? That depends on how many ships cobra told me I had left. Would I take him over Savage, hell no. Savage is a mike destroyer that is a perfect 1st and 2nd down mike in the SEC that will enable us to be younger at dt but play more talent.

    Let's evaluate the 2013 class.

    1. qb Kohl Stewart. The man with the Golden Gun. Seriously, probably the closest thing A&M has taken to Matt Stafford ever other than maybe Brandon Stewart. He needs some coaching, he needs some hits in the SEC, he needs to work with a qb coach to get him to quit throwing lazy off his back foot because he can. But the man can fire the rocket. he has offers from everywhere. LSU, bama, us, (tu would). He's beautifu. I don't like the private school part (not because of development) because of competition. I want the young man to face the best in HS. Heavy baseball risk and I do believe he'll go baseball. I hope Sumlin and him might work out something for him to hold off on a loi in case we have a super cecil like McKenzie Alexander wanting to come where Kohlster may say, I'll walk on for 3.5 months (he can live with Ryan Swope while he's training).

    Evaluation, Super cecil athletic ability. Biggest risk, competition, lazy throws, 96 mph. I have never seen a guy that I enjoy watch throw the ball.

    2. Kenny Hill, very quietly has really changed my mind on him. First part of the season, I scratched my head a bit. He is a winner, he does have perfect mechanics, accurate. I honestly thought he didn't throw it with enough velocity to be great. Well, after watching Johnny kick arse, kenny can 100% play. Well, this sr year he looks stronger. He's throwing the ball harder, he's gotten bigger, he's running harder. He's not fast like Johnny but he's bigger and runs more like a fast fb or a bigger rb type. He's playing right now as good as anyone in our class. Why tu hasn't offered him as guaranteed him the starting spot is beyond me. He literally would go there and start.

    Evaluation, Super cecil peaking at the right now. Weakness none really but not the strongest arm

    3. rb James White

    Not a great year for rb's but this young man has put up sensational numbers. He's not Adrian Peterson, we got there, there's only one of those every what 15-20 years. He's not Trey Williams, we got that. He's a 200-205 pound kid that will play at 220-225 with great pad level, great feet, great hands, great blocker. Maybe the best rb this year that will qualify.

    4. Alex Sezar. Ran a 4.41 at our camp in tall grass. Has run some 4.25's. I haven't seen that speed on jr tape. His 100 meter times are in the 10.6 range to 10.7 so I am not sure if he's a short strider or if he runs better 40's. But I think he'll end up on the offensive side. he's built a lot like one of those spread rb's for Mizzu like Henry Josey or maybe even Tavon Austin. I hope he can play like them. Never can have enough pure speed. I know our staff thinks he's super explosive.

    5. rec Quincy. For a tall guy, he has more lateral quickness than a lot of the best ones. Literally can cut like a 5'10 guy. Probably the only thing keeping him from a high 4 to 5 star is does he have that 4.4 top end. On tape he's very fast. He'll be a guy that can get deep. Has a lot of explosion. It's hard for me to gauge because there was virtually no jr tape. Most of it is at camps and stuff. biggest thing he'll have to work on is getting off the jam which is something hs struggled with at the camps but with his length and speed, I am guessing he will.

    6. Kyron Parker Probably the best natural receiver of the guys we have. We may sign a guy with more physical horsepower but when you watch Parker, he's so smooth, he's so deceptive, he's smart, he's got the ability to just get open, catch the ball, and if you are sleeping, take it to the house. Not a 4.4 kid but plays very fast for a 4.6 kid. Why cuts like a 5'10 kid (something we see in almost all the receivers) and has great agility. Reminds me of one of those UCLA receivers like Maybe Mike Sherrard the old Dallas Cowboy who broke his leg a few times;) Maybe the best qualified outside receiver we have signed since Jeff Fuller. Where he needs to work is getting stronger to use his length and get press corners in position in their routes and he can continue to work on his top end speed. but again for a guy that's a 4.6 kid, his lateral quickness and his burst are very good. That's why I compared him to mike Sherrard (Sherrad was probably a step faster ) but Kyrion plays faster than just about any 4.6 guy I have seen.

    7. Derrick Griffin. May not sign with us, but I believe he will and has a better chance than most think. I think we kind of like it that way if you know what I mean. but he's 6'7 7'1 wingspan and can break in the 4.5's. The best outside freakish receiving threat I have seen. You like DGB. You haven't seen this cat. He's not a te. He's got size but he's not bulky. He's like Megatron. Not quite as fast but thicker. I was sold when watching hi against Dulles and Maurice Smith tried to jam him Bama style and Griffin swim moved him like nothing and beat him by 2 steps down the field and oh yeah, he can take a quarter off the back board, he can get up there. Single handedly the best physical athlete in our class. The biggest mis match. Think Mike Evans vs Ole Miss but he can do this against Bama. Whenever you have a 3rd and 25 because of penalties, well, I am sending D Griffin ont he sideline and I am putting a guy down the seam and seeing if that safety squeezes Griffin or not.

    8. Jeremy Tubuyo I honestly can't compare him to a guy. Maybe Steve Smith of Carolina. Runs very well and every route is fast. Runs routes by far the fastest of the group. Great natural hands. will probably play slot but plays z for honolulu which shows he has the ability to get off of good cb press coverage and that makes him versatile. has that physique like a rb but has the top end of a receiver. Hoping he can be a slightly bigger Jarius Wright type or Tevin Reese of Gaylor but much bigger. sub 4.4 speed and great at running deep patterns particularly down the seams off of play action. Runs the sharpest routes on tape and has a lot of practice time. He looks like he's ready to play for us today. I can't imagine what he can do with a good qb.

    9. Cam Echols Luper. plays mostly qb. I don't see the 4.41 speed that he's run and 21.3 200 meters but he's also a qb. He's not a guy that's going to make a ton of guys miss and juke. He's a fast possession guy in my mind. Kind of reminds me of Hines Ward. Thicker upper body. Great leader, great hands. Great team player, will be in best shape. He's the kind of guy that may not get a helluva lot better from fish to sr, but may be the most ready to play next year. Why, he's smart. He's going to come in ready to get open and catch passes. Natural ball skills. I would love to see this top end speed that he is supposed to have.

    10. Quiv, let's be honest, fastest little booger you've ever seen. I see him more as a jet sweet, bubble, booger pattern kind of guy. Not sure he's a down the field guy but if he could be a DeSean Jackson type, then we will have a special guy. plays a bit like Tavon Austin but not as thick. Could get a little thicker but not too much.

    11. Ish Wilson.. like to see him in person to gauge his length. Great feet, fast, great pad level. Probably best natural off lineman we have signed since Joeckel and Matthews. It will be interesting if he's a guard or tackle but I think he's got the feet, that he'll be a left tackle. Why, he's just so athletic. Kid's been great and really got us going this year. Love his film. so many have him pegged for guard and I am going, what else can you want in a left Tackle. Kind of reminds me of Russell Okung. Really. Just want to make sure he's near that 6'5.

    12.JJ Gust. Needs to get tougher. I don't love him but his sr tape showed he has great feet and his length doesn't quit. the guy looks 6'7. That's what Sumlin loves. Need to get this young man, trap him in a ring of hungry pit bulls and let him battle with them for 2 days. It would make him into a football player. But the kid has length and good feet which you can't coach. Biggest surprize when you watch him is he's not clumsy. He looks like he'll be one of those tall gangly guys but he really moves well. That's hard to find. Want to see him get nastier and wont to literally kill folks. He looks very nice. I want Sumlin to wipe that smile off his face until he's on top of a def end after driving his arse in the dirt.

    13. Stuckey, Great length kid that looks very good on tape and with 4 to play 3 which if we can redshirt him, he could be a starter. I just don't know how to evaluate his competition. Has some strength. I like him at RT better than left.

    14. Joas Aguilar, I love the tape. The guy's the perfect guard. tall, with great pad level and has enough low end torque for a tackle body to play guard which is your pefect spread guard. One of my favorite guys on tape. I really like his ability. Not a Harrison mauler but a guy that will get his hands on you and turn you and then put you where you don't want to be.

    15. Cam Clear. I call him the LSU killer. He reminds me of Martellus Bennett but he's more grounded for his age. He's not a burner, he's a huge in line te that has enough flexibility and speed to flex out. He can line up and drive a de or an olb and again, makes that 3-3 defense of LSU get destroyed and be forced to play that 4 man front. Well, go to 4 man front and we'll hit him over the middle at 10 yards. You worried Johnnny can't see over the middle, well we got ourselves a 6'6 275 te with mitts the size of a baseball glove. Daddy, where did we struggle this year offensively. How about scoring in the red zone on the goalline. What you got for me? I got myself a inline de that can put Bama's olbs on their arse and also slip out and tell Robert Lester to shit his mofo arse down Jon Stewart. I love this guy's versatility and what he can bring to the table. Worst case scenario, we lose both Jake and Luke, well play Cam next to Yosef Cheeks and force def ends to either have to stay in tight or get really wide. It's a great insurance policy.

    Here's what I wrote about him earlier:

    Cam Clear I have as the LSU killer. I know I am thinking like a madman, but if you remember LSU, they by far had the fastest defense and it was the hardest defense for us..

    Well, when LSU was in a 4 man front like most teams, our front 5 could get their hands on them and block their arses and we were running the ball.

    Answer, lsu goes to a 3-2-6 with 1 of their db's being a lb/db hybrid. We had trouble blocking the speed in space. Their lb's were able to get through the holes with the splits and the spacing and stop us.

    Cam Clear comes in and either a: makes LSU goes back to a 4 man front or you can power their arse by blocking down on their de's or you can decide that you are going to do quick play action and through it to the 6'6 265 pound guy over the middle over the lb's that are aggressively coming forward to stop the run.

    Now we see the LSU killer. If we can get Joeckel and Matthews who can molest LSU's def ends, well Clear helps us beat those pesky lb's.

    Clear will not be a 80 play guy, but probably a 30-50 depending how effective he is. He greatly reminds me of Tellus bennett.

    I can't tell you how excited I was that we were recruiting him. He has only a few catches this year. That's okay. This guy can man the outside in blocking and he can be that huge target that allows a qb that isn't 6'5 to see right there over the middle and who's going to hit him? a 210 safety?

    Guys that have the most NFL ability

    1. Derrick Griffin
    2. Kohl Stewart
    3. Ishmael Wilson
    4. Quincy
    5. Joas Aguilar
    6. Jeremy Tubuyo (imagine this cat with a Peyton Manning/ Drew Brees type at qb)
    7. Kyrion Parker (needs to work on his speed and strength)
    8. Cam Clear (erase erase, he should be at #2, I just don't see how he's not an NFL te).


    I am going to start with who I think is the most talented guy on our defense commit list.. The Golden Child, the Golden Shower, the Golden Nuggett.

    16. Isaiah Golden Nuggett
    I don't really understand his recruitment because he was basically begging TW and Tank to take him and they were on the verge but didn't offer. I popped in the tape and I saw a guy as wide as a mack truck playing dt, de, mlb, fb,etc. he was chasing down backs on the sideline and I said, this dt can fly. That's it. They don't make him like him much. Tommie Harris anyone. Well, he reminds me of him. I can't wait until the day he's sporting a maroon jersey in school. Most dominant dt we have signed/commited since Ty Warren. His upside is through the roof. A kid that can run like a deer and is strong like a bear. I like Bears and if you're going to be a bear, UMMMMM, BE A Grizzley.. He's a grizzley bear. Love it.

    17. Hardreck Walker
    I brought him up because I didn't want him to feel left out. Hardreck I can just tell is a Terry Price special. Terry's eye's lit up when I saw someone mention his name. Hardreck is one of those dt's that super cat quick off the ball. He's not overly big (not small), but just has such quickness off the ball and loves the swim move. I want to call him Kitty Kat as my favorite part of Wedding Crasher quote. Well that and you motor boatin' sob you. But either way, Hardreck is a kid that doesn't get a lot of love, but he'll be ready to play and early. Reminds me of all the Westfield dt's like Desmon Jackson where he's not a 320 burly guy, he's a dt that's going to penetrate, disrupt, and make stuff happen. Great pickup..

    18. Kerrick Huggy Bear Huggins
    Not sure he'll make it in. Pop in the tape, takes a few plays off, like cheeseburgers, plays a little high but guess what, you love him. Like one of those chicks in college that wore too much makeup but for some reason that button was always down an extra opening and you couldn't quit looking at those babies with the corner of your eye and you realized you went to class for 55 minutes and didn't learn a thing. Well Huggins gets lazy, he takes a play off, and then boom, he picks off a screen pass and takes it 45 yards for a td Mr. dt. Honestly, his upside is beautiful and it's limitless. He can be as good as he wants to be. Would love to get him into school. I honestly don't think he's as good as Manning right now and has more risk, but I do believe he has a higher ceiling. I really do. The kid with LJ kicking his arse and the Cobra loving him and beating him, could make him an All American. 100% redshirt kid. But I love him..

    19. Jordan Lattimer Points. Love the long blonde hair. I love the motor. I love the wide frame and arse. pop in the tape and he's got that Nealy motor and Nealy quickness off the ball. Has good length but what I was really surprized on was how wide and his natural thickness. He'll be a dt in a year guaranteed and he's the kind of guy that noone that was any good and you pop in the tape and go, this sob keeps making plays. Really like him. Was pissed when we took him because I wanted another juco guy, but if you can give him a year, he'll make you proud just like Nealy. Give the young man a year or 2 to keep lifting the weights, eating the red meat, and taking the vitamins. Keep taking the vitamins Lattimer..

    20. Robert Zimmerman Mt Rushmore. No tape but scrimmage. Watch the scrimmage and whoaaa... Love the kid. Different than the rest of the dt's. This kid has unreal physical talent. Not a guy that you guy, he's super quick. He's super powerful. Bull dozer type. Love him. If he can be a short yardage guy and maybe a first down guy against bama and lsu, he'll be worth it. The guy has awesome power. I wish we knew if he can get in shape and be effective soon. I believe he has 3 to play 3 so we have some time. Lot of upside but you do ? his production and how quickly he'll be ready to step in and obviously he has some risk with not playing any juco games.

    21. Jay Arnold. I know Mr. Beaty loves him. I have watched his tape. Good ball player. reminds me of a cross between Moss and Harrington. He's a much bigger cat than most de's in High School. Pics look like he's pushing 240 right now. I would say he's a Strong side de all the way. test well but I don't see the speed. I like his power moves but I would like to see him get off the ball a bit better and pick up a good pass rush move. Doesn't have crazy length and looks almost more like a fast dt. I would like to see him get real good with a pass rush move or two besides straight bull rushing. Maybe a spin move or a club. Not a arc guy that will run around the corner at blazing speeds. With his power though, he can dominate a lot of tackles with his combo of speed and power. I wish he was coming in december because he could really use that extra time because we will/may need him this year. YOu can tell he lives in the weight room and will probably play 275-280 as a jr. Needs to make sure though to play at his fastest weight because he's got the power.

    22. Edward Scissor Hands Williams.
    Why, because he's my favorite lb. Not overly big but you can tell the mounds of muscle will just flock to him as he hits the gym and eats some good red meat. plays like a heavy weight boxer. Out of all the lb's, and forgive my language but he just fvks things up the best. just gets in there and hits everything that moves. A throwback type of lb. Fast, strong, tenacious, tough, hitter. Just loves to hit. Wish he had another " or 2 to be a perfect sam olb. He can honestly get in a 3 point stance for a 6'1-2 guy and rush like a def end. I think we project him at sam and with Mike Richardson in limbo and Baggs at mike, he's going to be in the battle to start if he can get here in early summer and start lifting. He looked a little light when I saw him next to the lovely Courtney who as always makes a recruit fumble on his words because of her beauty. But even so, the young man has a chip on his shoulder, comes from new orleans and I love him.

    23. Reggie Chevis Regal. Big big cat. some think he'll end up one of those 270 pound fb's for LSU who are just freaks. He may. The guy can really move. Doesn't have great lateral mobility but his north and south speed is phenominal for a 250 pound guy. Works out like the bear. Needs to quit throwing up major weight and go get a pair of shoes and run a 5k everyday and get down to 230 and let LJ build him up. When he hits you, like Drago, he destroys. Guys huge. Like to see him use his hands to get off blocks and scrape better. He's new to the position and still will need a learning curve. But at the end of the day, he can be special if he can get at a leaner body % so he can max his quickness. He'll always be a big jack hammer dude. I do think his weight and lateral quickness could hinder him if he doesn't really work on it.

    24. Brett Wade. Thrill's favorite player. He ask me every day what I think about wade. I first saw Wade last year and loved him. He had that sudden accleration to the ball carrier and absolutely destroyed rb's. HIts like a karate kick from a black belt. I mean, he gets all his hips and arse and explosion in that hit. not the longest guy and I would like to see how he uses his hands to sched blocks. Maybe he doesnt need to because he is good at reading run plays and then he explodes forward to attack the ball carrier. The other plus is he's picking off passes left and right. Maybe like Te'o he can win the Heisman (sure). But it does show he knows and understands routes and route trees. I hear his competition sucks so that is a ?. Love the fact he's coming in Dec. He'll be so far ahead of the other fish and it will give him the best chane to play early. My biggest ? with him is staying healthy (hits like a jack hammer). Kind of reminds me of a step slower Tom Wort.

    25. Darion Claiborne. I loved this kid early on. Probably our fastest lb. Has an hour of highlights that just show him running the ball and making plays. The guy is obviously a good ball player. lacks a little height like most of our lb's which I wish we had 1-2 that weren't s/olb hybrids that were taller but this guy is your will olb and he'll be a guy that depending on his size could play very early. Great natural ball player. Has a little of that Levonte David in him. Like to see him hit a bit more like Brett Wade and get those hips in it but he's faster and quicker than wade.

    26. Kenny Flowers. I wish he was 6'3. Other than that, he's a good productive ball player. I always ask the mods, is he productive. Well, he makes 10 tackles a game, has a tackle or 3 for loss, etc. Middle lb's make tackles. Kenny flowers makes tackles. I don't know if he's a will or a mike. If we keep Deuce at will, I see him being thrown into the den of lions with baggs and richmond at mike lb and see who comes out swinging. That's his best spot. Good ball player. Great pad level, good good speed, and hey, he's from Ga. That's like lb capital now.

    27. Shaan Washington. listed as a safety/olb. I see him as a olb all the way with him being taller than von and about 220 right now. Great in coverage for a lb. Makes a lot of plays. Everyone that watches him says he plays rec, te, s, olb, qb. whatever. He has a lot of stats. Tackles, yards, catches, etc. Great athlete. Saw that youtube of him training and he's a physical specimen. I don't love his tape beause I love explosive players. I think he's a longer strider which doesn't look at fast but he's moving but I do wish he had a bit more sudden movement type which is another reason I can't see how he can play safety. I see him as a sam olb for Sean Porter. Great in coverage for a sam. ONly thing I wwould like to see on tape is him coming after the qb. I want to see that off the line explosion and his ability to sink his hips or how much power at the point of attack he has, etc. Just not a lot of tape of him outthere doing what I think he's going to do in college. I have no doubt he can drop back and cover a flex te, etc in a short zone.

    28. Kameron Miles.
    My favorite safety in the state and in our class. Has just enough range that I think he can be a FS although i still think he's more of a ss that can play in the box but also play back zone and cover 2. Great natural size, smart, great tackler. Physical, good speed. Makes plays. He was on my super cecil list from his jr tape. always wondered why we didn't recruit him harder. Never could figure it out. Glad we got him and I believe because of numbers, his early natural size, and his ability, i could see hi starting for STevie Terrell's spot next year. I just don't know who can beat him out.

    29. Joh Wiggins. Really big safety. Looks like Toya Jones physically. Has those big arse triangular shoulders to the hips. Comes downhill and hits. Shows good speed. No film of him in coverage. states he prefers playing in the box vs deep which is always the issue with bigger safeties. Biggest ? i have is can he play cover 1 or cover 2 or even cover 4 and be an enforcer? I see him more in the role of what Howard Matthews is running except he'll have a bit more length at 6'3. Ran a 4.7 electronic which is around mid 4.5 hand so he's got good speed. Not a safety I would want in man coverage whatsoever and most think he's just going to grow into a sam olb and I can't blame them.

    30. Victor Davis
    A Bit of a grade risk (those darn Rosenberg Terry guys) a true cover safety that can play FS and cover sideline to sideline. I really love this kid's tape. Had great jr tape although I hear his sr year has not been great. a Bit skinny but has the frame to grow nice weight. Doesn't hit real hard but again a lengthy guy at 6'1+ who can get from sideline to sideline. Reminds me of that old NY Jets FS Erik McMillan. A guy that was just rangy as a hawk. not a hitter but a guy that could go from sideline to sideline. We'll see how this plays out.

    31. Noel Ellis
    Doesn't have the best measurables. a 5'9 cat. Doesn't run a great 40 (does run a great shuttle) but is another one that can back pedal as fast as he can go sidesways and back. A true cb that can play off and squat and break on a short throw. Reminds me of Asante Samual. Not a 4.3 guy but a guy that will make it very difficult for receivers to get into their routes. Makes plays on the ball, jumps through the roof and is one of my favorite corners. Not a Floyd raven or otis jacobs 6' 4.45 kid. this is your cb that doesn't get juked and can bend and his hips can open and run like the best ones. Probably fits Snyders scheme better than others. But again, when you pop in the tape, this guy can flat out cover as well as any of them.

    32. Tav Garner. Big physical corner that I think reminds me of one of those Bama press cb's. It will be interesting to see how we use him if we move him to FS or play him at cb and let him press. Not sure how good he is at playing off. Very productive corner and uses his hands well. I haven't seen a lot of tape on him and quite frankly, the best was from 7 on 7 and he really was not just a leader but a guy that elevated the play of the other guys. Very nice pickup that I think has the attitude and moxy that you look for. Runs well but not a blazer. It will be interesting to see how we use him.

    NFL guys (my opinion) measureables, talent, etc

    1. Isaiah Golden (no ?)
    2. Kerrick Huggins (but also could be a bust)
    3. Edward Williams
    4. Kameron Miles
    5. Rob Zimmerman (he's got to play)
    6. Noel Ellis (right scheme)
    7. maybe Shaan Washington (don't love the tape, but he's a speciman and lb will most likely be easier for him. Also has the length to really succeed and the NFL values lb's that can cover. The key is can he stop the run and blitz.

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  • First

  • magnificent

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  • I would have bet my first born that I would never see anyone make a Mike Sherrard comparison in my lifetime.

  • Thank you

  • Gonna have to save this for tomorrow. Lot to read but worth it I'm sure

  • Daddy marks this free for all the world to see. I'm in awe.

  • It is free amigo. The Trace is still flowing. Been talking football the last 2 hours and for DMO, 10 more shots of Louisiana's best.

    Mike Sherrard, loved that guy. Broke his leg after an awesome rookie year..

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  • Good stuff.

    "Failure is my greatest fear. Yours is probably heights or spiders or some silly shit." - Lmart05

  • Daddy, what do these guys do for us schematically?

    And do you hate defense or something?

  • Still some other top recruits we want. Stevens, Daeshon Hall, Prevot, Larue... We should have a back up plan if one of the DTs doesn't qualify. I wish we'd talk to Delva again. Or Andrew Billings. Hope we're giving the full court press to Mackenzie Alexander, too. Also, I think Chevis said he won't be a Dec grad anymore, so we may have room for one more JUCO, but one less May grad. I wonder what that means about Victor Davis, but I hope he qualifies because I've heard he's really good. Haven't seen too much film, though.

    I think in the end we get:
    Z Smith
    JQ Williams
    Maybe Stevens (maybe)

    Also, if Alexander is truly down to us and Clemson then I don't see how he picks Clemson. Sumlin vs. Dabo? Is this really a question? SEC vs. ACC? He will be an Ag.

    We will have to lose some folks, which doesn't bode well for the grade risks. Hopefully we figure out the prep school trick JQ Williams did and place Griffin, Davis, and whichever DT doesn't qualify over there so we can sign them next year. Kohl may have to do what you said and wait to sign if he's undecided. This class is so big there are literally no holes in it. Which is good because we'll need some immediate contributors next year for our MNC run!

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  • Printed it. Will read it forever.

  • Everything I hoped for and more.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on 2013 D class.

    But how can I ask more of a man who has given so much?

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  • Great read. I am now ready for next year.

  • Is it possible for D. Griffin to sign a hoops LOI, then if he makes it to campus, put him on a football schollie? Seems that would be a way around the 25 rule.

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  • Helicopter dicks this staff has. Whoosh whoosh. <---words from the immortal imart05

  • Great Googly Moogly Daddy! Your passion is unbelievable. Great work

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    ...who the heck seriously knows except God, and Sumlin. ~ Aggiemom6

  • My favorite part was when Daddy typed that he needed to pause to pour buffalo trace.

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  • daddybear why'd you just stop w/ the offensive players? more !

  • Yea a defensive breakdown would be great if you have the time to do one. Love reading your assessments.

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  • This entire thread is...

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  • i had my woman read this to me as i prepared for my evening sleeping ritual. GRIFFIN WILL MAKE IT IN. AND HE WILL WEAR NUMBER 16. also dreamt that tony brown pulled a craig loston and browns sister played the role of russell sheppard. = (

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  • Great read, thanks for all of the insight.

  • I will do it tonight..

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  • Bump for Cam Clear and Defense

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