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  • Interesting reading some of the writers who cover the Big 12 now that they got to experience JFF and A&M.

    Normon Transcript
    Johnny Manziel turned out so much better in real life than he’d ever proven to be on television and this from a voter who understood the Heisman Trophy had to be his.

    How can anybody possibly believe a Notre Dame linebacker who has made about 10 tackles a game and picked off seven passes is better than this guy, now even more clearly the nation’s “most outstanding” collegiate player this season and maybe several seasons.

    He ran for 229 yards and threw for 287 and by the middle of the third quarter he was just showing off, toying with the Sooners because he could.

    Manziel could get hurt, SEC defenses, already the alleged nation’s best, may invent a better way to play him over the next three seasons, but after Friday night it’s hard to guess how they might, the kid playing a different game than the other 21 players on the field.

    Maybe it took the world’s largest hi-def screen to prove it replay after replay Friday night, but that’s exactly what it did.

    Manziel may never be an NFL quarterback, or he might, but that doesn’t mean he can’t own the college game as long he’s in College Station like nobody before him on any campus ever has.

    Meanwhile, the Sooner Nation should hope that every time Bob Stoops interrupted a question daring to question the talent of his defensive line and linebackers, he was merely blowing smoke in their great defense. Because if the talent can’t be upgraded, then what’s OU to do?

    Really, Manziel may be the best anybody’s ever seen, but he wasn’t alone the second half of the season.

    Waco Tribune Herald
    Sorry to break it to you, but A&M is completely legit. So too is that Heisman-winning quarterback Manziel.

    The Aggies’ resounding 41-13 win over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl Friday night at Cowboys Stadium should have illustrated that fact in crystal-clear, massive, high-definition scoreboard fashion.

    But don’t be bitter about it.

    If anything, be sad.

    For fans of Baylor or Texas or Oklahoma, this next statement might be tougher for you to swallow than spinach-flavored Robitussin, but you’re just going to have to hold your nose and take your medicine.

    You ought to miss A&M.

    As a fan of no one in particular who happens to work in Big 12 country, I’m going to miss seeing these Aggies year after year. They have a rich football tradition. They have a fine new coach in Kevin Sumlin. They have some of the most passionate fans in the whole of college football. (And, yes, admittedly some of those “passionate” supporters are about one Shiner Bock away from being legally declared a menace to society).

    Now, in Manziel, they have the most entertaining player since Bo Jackson, the Tecmo Bowl version.

    Wouldn’t it have been fun to see ol’ Jonathan Pigskin against Baylor this year? Or against the rivals-since-birth Longhorns?

    Alas, that ship has sailed, and there’s no sense in swimming back through the choppy waters that resulted in A&M’s departure.

    But if you’re incapable of at least giving Manziel and the Aggies their deserved due now, you’re not worthy of that same respect yourself.

    Manziel is more fun than a roller-coaster ride. With your girlfriend. On Christmas.

    Tulsa World
    It was the Sooners' turn to discover what everyone in the SEC already knew - the Aggies were a handful on their slow days, and holy heck to beat on rhythmic ones like Friday.

    It was such a mismatch that, despite OU's co-conference title, it should leave staff members asking plenty of questions in the coming weeks.

    Most obvious, after a Cotton Bowl that coach Bob Stoops called "disappointing in every way for sure, for me and for us": How to restock a defense so short of difference-making defensive linemen and linebackers? And what to change about a scheme that also surrendered 778 yards to West Virginia, and nearly 500 to both Oklahoma State and Baylor in November?

    As for Friday night, it was worth asking what happened to start the second half.

    "They went three-man front on us," center Gabe Ikard said for the offense, "and we couldn't run the ball well enough. They did the same thing Notre Dame did to us."

    Stoops was asked if Manziel ranked among the best quarterbacks he has faced.

    "Absolutely," he answered. "Not only throwing the football, but with what he does running the ball, he's incredibly hard to handle. ... If you get an angle on him, he stops and goes the other way. If he doesn't he outruns you."

    Daily Oklahoman
    Maybe the realization came when Johnny Manziel scrambled for a 24-yard gain on the Cotton Bowl's third play.

    Maybe it came when Johnny Football tight-roped down the sideline for a 17-yard touchdown on the game's first possession.

    Maybe it came when Johnny Heisman completed his first nine passes of the third quarter, igniting a second-half rout.

    Whenever it came, rest assured the revelation landed on Bob Stoops. Thank God for conference realignment. Thank God that Texas A&M bolted for the Southeastern Conference and took its freshman wizard quarterback along.

    Johnny Football ran away from the Sooner defenders all night long, but at least now he's in OU's rear-view mirror. He's the SEC's problem.

    And what a problem he is. Manziel ran and passed the Aggies to a 41-13 rout of the Sooners on Friday night.

    “It was like watching a guy play Madden NCAA,” said OU captain David King, one of the exasperated Sooner defenders who futilely chased Manziel all over JerryWorld.

    Stoops trumped that example. Stoops said Manziel was as good a quarterback as the Sooners have faced. That's a club, remember, that includes the likes of Robert Griffin and Vince Young.

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  • Yup that sums it up but baylol fans say they could've beat us still in the big 12 and we would not run the table!! Geez

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  • Is the stoops post game press conference available somewhere? Would like to listen to what the Oklahoma side has to say...

  • Not the whole transcript, but:
    @si_ncaafb: Oklahoma's Stoops: Manziel best QB I've faced

  • It's on the post game page on aggieathletics

  • Baylor was 4-5 in Big 12, 3-27 in their last 30 games vs. A&M, got beat by four TDs in RGIII's Heisman year, and they still think they're better.

    I have come to believe Baylor fans are worse than anyone. They're not only social misfits, but not real bright.