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ChemAg's Tuesday Thoughts

  • Ok! Now that I've had time to digest the game, go to church, and take a training course on crude oil desalting (by Refining Process Services) - I have a few opinions that I would like to share about the game on Saturday.

    1.) This game was virtually identical to the LSU vs Alabama game last year in Tuscaloosa. The only way LSU beat Bama was Bama beat themselves. You saw what happened to "Simple Les" in the MNC when Bama got their shit together. The same thing happened to us Saturday when we left 7 points on the board, 4 turnovers, and a VERY poorly officiated game. If either one of those 3 go our way - we win the game. Period!

    2.) Sumlin is absolutely correct when he made the statement that we are only a few players away from being a national championship contender. All the pieces are there and make no mistake about it, the next 2 years you are going to see Texas A&M become a national power once again. I have never had more confidence in an A&M football coach as I do Kevin Sumlin. The guy just flat out understands every aspect of college football and we are very fortunate to have him at the helm.

    3.) RSJ and Manning will be Texas Aggies on signing day. Don't sweat it, this staff is relentless on the recruiting trail and they will not give up on prospects unlike the previous 2 regimes. Mike Mitchell - I have no idea. But watch out with that CB from Florida. I have a great feeling about him. I think the staff really made some serious head way. Again,this Sumlin and his staff understand recruiting, i.e. "off to the Sumlincopter" :)

    4.) Did I mention that I love working at a refinery! Its a very stimulating environment that is full of nonstop action!!! The only reason why I mention this is the fact that every aspect in my life is great. Its amazing how perfect an Aggie's life can be when the football team is AWESOME!

    KICK ASS!rockon

  • U think life is amazing today...just wait til the 26th. Winky face

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