Kenny Bell, A&M's Director of Recruiting

  • Under the new NCAA rules this position will be able to perform many more traditional recruiting responsibilities

  • Way too much care in the air. It's as if he stole some wives on the board.

    Rest easy fellas. We will be ok. It's Tech for crying out loud. They were relevant last when Crabtree was there. Even at that they weren't even that relevant.

    ...who the heck seriously knows except God, and Sumlin. ~ Aggiemom6

  • Everyone complaining that he's doing something dickish needs to realize this is big boy coaching. Everyone is a hired gun. There nothing in poor taste with what KK is doing. A position coach, assistant strength coach, and an administrator is all he took with him. Considering he doesn't have many coaching contacts, the fact that's all he too, with him is pretty good.

    I don't get why so many people hate Kliff. Is it because of that retarded he never wore maroon thing? Or is it just because he left for Tech? He's one of, if not the best OCs to be here at A&M and played a big part in grooming Johnny. I hope he does well there in Lubbock.

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  • Disagree. You're saying that a lateral move makes it ok (HC to another HC position, as in Sumlin coming here from UH), but OC to HC makes KK an asshat? I've never heard of that philosophy, and nobody seems to follow it anyway.

    Sumlin brought coaches and non-coaching staff from Houston. I'm sure the guys on the UH message boards (both of them) were livid when Sumlin gutted the Athletic dept last year. It comes with the territory. This is how the big boys play.

    Kliff did a great job for us. I wish he went to the PAC-12 so I could root for him fully, but I'm ok with him being a thorn in Mack's side for the next few years.

    The true test of a man's intelligence is how much he agrees with you.

  • A coach who chooses to go to tehc must have a pretty strong career death wish. You think that you're headed to the desert to make a difference and change the culture, but in reality you finally realize that in the end it aint worth it to even stay for dessert. The retards even ate Leach, their only successful coach in decades. Does anyone actually believe that it's going to be any different for kk and the lemings? You gotta be a real head case to go to a program that engages in 50/50 high school raffals at home games. Oh yeah, that's a real guns up moment for ya.

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    " Manziel is “a good kid, an honest kid. He has his heart in the right place.” John Sharp Chancellor, Texas A&M

  • Its a gentlemans rule that you don't hire employees away from your previous boss if you start a new company. I'm applying it to coaching.

  • Why do you like Kliff? I can't think of a reason to do so. It was obvious he came here as just a hired gun. He was paid well and did his job. I appreciate that but it doesn't make me like him. He did nothing more, nothing less.

    He has come across as less than appreciative for anything A&M did for him - it's only about what he did for A&M. The real point should be what JFF did for KK. He would have never been hired had JFF not had a big year. How much did KK have to do with JFF? I don't know. You have to give him some credit, but I do not give him all the credit. KK was a part of a team of coaches.

    Kliff hated A&M as a player and never said anything appreciative for his time here while he was here or after he left. In fact, when asked by who influenced him the most in is coaching he replied Leach and Belichick. Never mentioned Sumlin - the man who gave him a chance to get into college coach, then promoted him to OC.

  • I like him because his offense is one of the most potent in school history. If you don't want to think that the QB coach played a big role in getting Johnny to the level he is then okay. Have fun with that.

    I'd be willing to bet that as long as our offense had any small type of success this season Tech would have hired KK. He's their favorite son, it was only a matter of time until he ended up there. Tubs running off this year just moved the time frame up a few years.

    Out of curiosity what should he have said afterwards? I loved coaching at A&M so very very much? I don't get it. It's not the end of the world that he wasn't an Aggie and didn't particularly care about us and our traditions. I care about the 29 points we put up on Bama. I care about the 30 or whatever against Miss State and the 63 whatever points we put up on Auburn. His offense did that and the system he put in place kicked the shit out of OU too. I appreciated his cocky attitude and way he stomped on other teams throats when we got up on them.

    Pretty sure Holgerson got him onto a staff not Sumlin but it doesnt really matter.

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  • Pretty sure Sumlin was running this offense before KK was ever OC at Houston. KK was the co-OC his last two seasons at Houston - never the OC.

    Holgerson did bring him on, but I'm pretty sure the head coach would have approved it. Maybe not.

    I do give KK some credit, but he gets way too much credit in my opinion. He did help JFF read defenses. There is NO ONE that taught JFF the instincts he has which has made him impossible to defend. KK had issues as OC. His called runs were very predictable as he would always run to the same side. McKinney fixed this in the Cotton Bowl and it gave OU a lot of problems At least two TDs were the result of McKinney's adjustments - the run by Williams and another by Melina.

    I thought KK called a terrible game vs. LSU - he gave up on the run when they were giving that to us. As I said, I give him some credit, but there is no way he can ever take credit for the natural ability of JFF. Remember JFF went to a QB coach in the summer to improve his mechanics - that was not KK that improved his throwing motion.

    In response to your question about what KK should have said afterwards, how about a simple "thank you" either to Coach Sumlin or A&M. Instead we get "Well I was at that other school."

    As much as you give him credit for wins, I would also blame him for the losses to Florida and LSU. I understand Florida was Johnny's first game, but his play calling was very predictable in the second half.

    Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about him. He is being promoted and I believe promoting himself as being the key to much of our success last year. I do not believe that. He was blessed with an awesome OL, great RBs, solid WRs, and obviously a gifted QB.

    As has been said on here before, the Tech fan base was not only excited about getting Kliff, but they also were excited as they thought it will really hurt us and he's going to bring in a lot of recruits to Lubbock, etc.. He was not involved with recruiting much at all. I do not believe we will miss him and I'm not convinced he is going to do all that well at Tech. Not impressed with his staff, not sure he can recruit.

    I also heard his father stated something like, "You mean I can burn all of that maroon now?" after KK went to Tech. Glad he's gone. I love A&M - he obviously didn't

    Your opinion doesn't bother me as I can appreciate it. I just don't agree with it.

  • 512 let's put it in a simple sound bite. The O was/is Cobra's baby and kk was only in an on the job training mentorship. Ever watch the apprentice?

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    " Manziel is “a good kid, an honest kid. He has his heart in the right place.” John Sharp Chancellor, Texas A&M

  • I didn't read any of these posts. Fuck Kliff. I'm not convinced he's worth a shit yet and I've been saying it all season. He may be great but you can't tell me it's not just as likely that Sumlin and Johnny made his ass. I wish we'd play them soon so we can run their ass into the ground. You don't try to poach coaches from the guy that gave you your career shot. And for those of you comparing it to Sumlin taking coaches from Houston, there's a huge difference between pulling guys to a better job when you're the head man and money whipping them to a shitty school as a hired coordinator

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  • That's just not true. Sumlin is a one back guy. Think Dennis Erickson and Noel Mazzone. He has never been an air raid coach. He brought in guys like Dana and KK to install that offense but by no means is that his offensive background.

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  • When Sumlin was a Co-OC at OU they weren't an air raid team. They came out in alot of 11 personnel. They were a lot more of a vertical passing team and traditional run team. They weren't a shotgun, 4 or 5 wide offense all the time. Like I said, his background is not air raid. He brings in guys to run it, like his hire of Spavital (home run hire IMO). He and Mazzone still run 1 back offense clinics in the summer. That's what he knows.

    You could kind of see that after the LSU game. It was pretty clear Sumlin had a come to Jesus meeting with KK about how the run needed to factor into the offense more. I don't disagree that KK lost his way in the LSU game with his play calling. He did abandon the run prematurely. Thats who he is offensively though. Without someone there to check him he would be content to throw it 60 times a game. That's the Leach in him.

    KK clearly wasn't the sole factor in our offense being what it was. Some of it was Johnny being Johnny and no one can teach that kind of stuff like Mullet said. But he did a lot in helping Johnny grow and make the short throw when his instincts were telling him to hit the home run every play. We saw that progression all season long from Johnny. He wanted to hit the HR every play early on. He wouldn't take short open throws because he wanted big yardage all the time. He had to be coached up to take what he had sometimes. Take the 7 yard throw so you can make the highlight reel 47 yard TD a play or two later. Johnny will never have textbook mechanics so I'm sure KK realized that early and didn't try to mess with it. He deserves a lot of credit for that. He also put Johnny in a lot of positions to do what he did. Look back to the La Tech game. 3rd and 23, lets call a QB fucking counter and have it work. The throwback screen against LSU that got brought back on the "chop block" was another play that was like that.

    KK got this offense going and with a nudge from KS in the right direction it started firing on every possible cylinder. The two of them worked great together. I'm excited to see more of the Dana influence come into play with Spavital coming into the offense. Dana has a lot more motion jet sweep stuff in his repertoire that could be really exciting with guys like Trey and Quiv. He also likes the packaged play concept which we didn't see a lot of this year. Sumlin, Spavital, and McKinney could add in some wrinkles that makes this offense even deadlier than last year and I think it'll happen in the ground game more than anything else.

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  • I don't know how you mean that about Trey's TD run in the cotton bowl. It was nothing but an inside zone with him set away from a trips side. That was a main run play all season long. Running the speed option was something we rarely saw all season and I would say was a McKinney wrinkle. No argument here from me about that.

    Like I said before, JFF doesn't have textbook mechanics. He probably never will. If you just watched his feet you would worry about a lot of throws but he makes it happen with his core strength. I don't know how much of that you can credit Whitfield for and how much of it you just shrug your shoulders and just say that's Johnny being Johnny, get out of his way and leave it alone.

    I'm not going to pretend I know what he said to Sumlin in private. And it really isn't like he owes A&M anything. He owes Sumlin and Dana. And I'd be willing to bet he's thanked both of them more than once. All our coaches don't need to be E King Gill reincarnated, it's really okay. The comment he made about being at that other school was playing to a crowd. Just like saying something about getting Cincy on the schedule. No harm no foul. It was also said at the time that he cried when telling the players he was leaving and that this was one of if not the only job he would have left for. He loved the players which is good enough for me. I can't expect guys without any true tie to the school to do anything more than that.

    The Florida game is an outlier. First game for Johnny, still installing offense, jitters, all of that and more. We play that game after another week or two and its totally different. It was just a bad deal to be dropped in game 1 with no tune up against that defense. LSU you won't get a lot of argument from me. He got real Techy there. He was stubborn and wanted to bomb away. Notice though, you never saw that many passing attempts ever again. I think he learned with the help of a talking to from Sumlin.

    I don't care if tech people were happy cause they thought it would hurt us and I'm quite sure no AD is going to make a decision that probably controls the fate of his job because it'll hurt A&M. That's silly talk. We probably won't miss him a lot. We have the air raid style of offense he brings with him here and guys in McKinney and Spavital who know it. McKinney showed he could call a good game against OU. He didn't have some of the unconventional creativity of KK but it got the job done. Frankly, I thought it was more impressive over all because of the devastating use of the run. Stoops brothers didn't know whether or shit or hold their hat. 4-1 with two high safeties? Derp. 3 man line with stemming and a blitz? Derp derp. 4-2 and walk a safety late? I see you and raise you a reverse pass. LOL. Offense will roll on regardless of who is calling plays but the system that makes everything so successful comes from guys like KK.

    I don't care what his dad may have said. I give exactly zero fucks. Sumlin could go drop a duece at Sully's feet tomorrow and I wouldn't care as long as he is still our head coach and kicking so much ass. Face it, if a guy isn't an alumni and especially if he played at a rival school, he probably isn't going to love your school. But he loved it enough to coach our athletes so that's enough for me.

    He will probably fail at tech because he's too inexperienced and has filled his staff with Tech has beens. No skin off my back though, he'll go on knowing he had his most successful season as an Aggie. I'll take solace in that fact.

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  • Awwwwwwwwwwwmmm, Sherm and 512 both said the four letter word that starts with "F". Hand slap on you guys. Shame on your two. I expected from 512, but Sherm???? I wish football season would hurry and start! Warsh Your hands off with soap and don't type until you feel like you can post without negativity and swearing. Do you fucken understand me?!?

    ...who the heck seriously knows except God, and Sumlin. ~ Aggiemom6