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  • I was actually telling my wife on Friday about that. Would be a great idea and I know my son's 1st grade class would love the idea.

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  • What if we called them "killing weapons?" You don't need "fully automatic" to murder 26 people in 90 seconds.

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  • I would do it for free.

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    SEC SEC SEC!!!

  • Isn't "killing weapons" a little redundant? The point of weapons is to kill. "Assault rifle" doesn't mean anything. It's a made up term used to scare ignorant people. You could kill 26 kids in 90 seconds with Clorox and some rope. Crazy people find ways to be crazy

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  • Not saying we shouldn't try to do something, but removing weapons isn't the answer

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  • Wow. Yeah, our government would never turn on our people. No government in history has ever done that. As Reagan put it. "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

    People got to realize that the government is in the business of controlling people and given the opportunity will do whatever it takes to keep it. Just because the US has not seen it in this lifetime doesn't mean it can't happen. Do you think people in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were just mindless idiots? It can and will happen when government is given too much power. The fact that you will blindly believe that tyranny will never happen means that they have already won half the battle.

  • Semper Fi marine. Air Force here and totally insync with your logic. Guns, any guns, in the hands of private citizens scare the piss out of those progressives in govt who seek to usurp freedom in the name of the collective. Hard to tell the dog to heel when they know the dog has teeth and short tempered. One of the first things every despot has done in order to gain total control over the population is to confiscate their arms; Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Po Pot, all of them. I guess Stalin said it best when he stated that diplomacy/policy comes from the end of a barrel.

    Disarming has amazing results. Austrailia paid out over 500 mil in 1997 to buy back when they attempted to ban all weapons. The following year assults and violent crime increased by 25%. Total fail. On the other end of the dichodomy is Switzerland where there is virtually no violent crime because in every home where any male above the age of 18 resides there is an a fully automatic weapon in the closet. All Swiss males are required to be in the reserve military and store their gear at home in case they are called out minuteman style.

    One final point. The only reason the japanese did not push on for an invasion on our west coast after Pearl is because they knew we had guns at home. The Chinese were a softer target

    The 2nd admendment isn't the hunting clause

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    " Manziel is “a good kid, an honest kid. He has his heart in the right place.” John Sharp Chancellor, Texas A&M

  • Well first you have to understand what "freedom" really means before you start saying my argument has a "problem"...hard to take you seriously otherwise.

    Your freedom is never limited while driving. You aren't being held in stocks, or tied down at gunpoint in some basement against your will.

    You make a conscious choice every time you make a decision to obey or not obey the laws of the land. You are "free" to make any decision you want, it's just that the wrong decision comes with consequences.

    "such is gun control"??? That's your OPINION. Only in your eyes and the eyes of like minded people does it make it a rational one. There are millions of people who would disagree with you. Are we to think they have irrational opinions b/c you said so?

    In case you were wondering we already have gun control laws, they just don't happen to be the flavor you like. Which is ok b/c I don't agree with our voting laws.

    I don't think anyone under the age of 25 should be able to vote in an election (unless serving in the military). Most people under 25 don't know their ass from a hole in the ground in the grand scheme of things. I think all people in this country should be required to take the same citizenship test that immigrants have to take in order to vote. Just being born in this country doesn't mean you should have the right to possibly direct it's path while going through life as an imbecile. I think people between the age of 30 and 75 should have two votes instead of one in order to cancel out the dipshits who vote without having any skin in the game. That way we can control this growing population of morons who think money grows on trees and taxing some rich guy is going to make all the worlds problems go away. I think any rational person would agree with me here right? See it works both ways.

    The problem with our country is we've stripped the individual from any responsibility and therefore try to legislate all wrong doings. There is no accountability in this country. There is no pride in ones self any more. People have babies and run out on them b/c they're too big of a coward to step up to the plate. People ditch financial responsibility b/c they made a bunch of poor decisions and blame it on the gov't or the economy. Everyone has a damn excuse why it's someone else's/somethings fault instead of just owning it. Blame the gun instead of the shooter, blame the teacher instead of the kid/parents, blame the cops instead of the criminal....It's F'n ridiculous.

    People are never going to be perfect. Trying to stop mass killings is like trying to stop teenagers from having sex, or males under 25 from getting in auto accidents. You can legislate all you want but at the end of the day you have to account for the imperfect human factor that can never be removed from the equation. See prohibition for a perfect example of why this mind set won't work.

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  • This works until you get that one soldier that is suffering from PTSD and then loses it one day and goes on his own rampage.

    The point is that no matter what strategy is in place the opposition will shoot holes in it until enough people agree.

    Fear is the driving force behind all of this and it snowballs at an incredible rate. Scare the masses with your opinion or idea and you quickly have an Army of support.

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  • It would help reduce crime tremendously if people were still scared of prison. Instead they get good meals, cable tv, classes, etc.

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  • This absolutely makes sense. First let me say that I grew up hunting and have used and owned a wide verity of weapons. I plan to buy a sig 45 in a few days because I love to shoot, that being said and being and NRA advocate I see no need for the common citizen to own assault rifles. They need to be taken off the streets, how to do that is another matter. For those of us who are worried that hand guns would be next is an issue. We can only hope that the strength of the NRA will prevent that. Other types of weapons such as shotguns and hunting rifles should be left alone for the hunter to use. These weapons are not a semi-automatic. Could they be used to kill in mass? not likely because the clips or magazines just do not hold enough ammo to use that way. So much to consider. What we do know is that our collective hearts go out to those families that lost their children and this should NEVER be allowed to happen again. Yes I know it very well could happen again because there are so many assault weapon still out there. We can not control what is already in the hands of morons and psycho paths but we can and must stop the sale of those weapons for the common man. Just my two cents.

  • What about semiautomatic shutguns or .22 semiautomatic long rifles?

    I would like to see the state of Texas put more responsibility on gun sellers, ie pawn shops and gun shows. I also think that just as you need to have a hunter's education course to hunt in Texas, you should have to take a gun education course before purchasing firearms. Education and awareness needs to be increased for gun owners, Texas gun laws are pretty well thought out, but not enough gun owners are really familiar with them.
    I know this doesn't directly affect what happened in CT, but this is something I've felt needs to happen for some time.

  • This is exactly my thoughts and I failed at expressing them like this. No need to strip Americans of every gun, just ones that are molded after military types.

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  • The second amendment wasn't written so we could hunt; it was written so we are able to protect ourselves from bad guys and tyranny, whether from another country or our own

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  • Full auto weapons aren't illegal, they are highly regulated and prohibitively expensive, but they can be owned by anyone with the means and the patience to wade through the red tape.

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  • Our founding fathers recognized the importance of an armed citizenry for a number of reasons, and those reasons weren't limited to hunting and skeet shooting. The second amendment was put forth to make sure the government didn't have a monopoly on any or all firearms. The same government that the American people say they have a 10% confidence level in today. The same government that is taking this country down the path of financial destruction. Do we really want to put the sole protection of our families in the hands of that government? Not no, but hell no.
    If you're going to solve a problem, first begin by identifying and curing the cause of the problem. Guns, or any other weapon for that matter, are not the cause of the problem.