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Perfect Chaos Scenario.....Upset Alert!!!!!!

  • Your last sentence is the reason I said chief rival. In my opinion, ALA vs. LSU is the main big rival that everybody outside of the state of Alabama focuses on, not Auburn game. In my opinion, it is the same story with OU vs. Texas and UT vs aTm. National picture had focused on OU vs. Texas and our in-state rivalry was second fiddle. The win/loss would be comparable for us against OU and you guys. OU=ALA and aTm=AUB in my argument.

    One Caveat.....YOU GUYS WOULD KILL US AT THIS POINT and I have no evidence to support the contrary. I would second guess any Horn Fan who would want to play you guys in the Cotton Bowl this year. I am not wavering on my support for my team, but in my opinion, we need a new coach to be able to compete in the future. You guys have found your coach.

    I can't be converted Maroon Goon, but I have and will always have respect for Aggies.

    Hookem for Life!