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Questions Fired Rapidly on a Day Other Than Tuesday

  • Bloom/Hamm,

    I live in McKinney and was wondering if you would have time to answer these.

    1. When does fall camp start?

    2. Mabin keeps mentioning the staff is waiting on the camp circuit to end before they decide to offer. When do you think they will decide to offer him (if they do)?

    3. Does it seem like a weird dynamic that Matt Davis is working with Kyler Murray's dad Kevin this summer on QB skills?

    4. Are there any plans for Braeden Smith and the Arizona O-lineman to visit this summer?

    5. By the end of the season, barring injury, your starting 4 WRs are.......?

    6. Do you anticipate Ivan the Terrible to shift to DE once the freshman DTs get on campus and he gets healthy? Seems like a much better fit for him.

    7. Is Vashawn Nixon a missing person? Why does there seem to be no news about him or reports that he's visiting campus?

    8. Any rumor of anyone not returning to the team over the summer? You don't have to name names.

    9. Clarify on the Kyle Field project, are they doing any demolition work BEFORE the 2013 season?

    10. Who will this team miss more from the previous staff: Kliff or Polian?

    11. So what is the next move at WR since Chark committed to LSU?

    12. Kyle Allen is the best pro style QB to come out of college since.......?