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    Shut up Kevin.

    When I say I wouldn't be enthusiastic about giving him a blank check, I'm basically saying that paying him at or very near the level of the elite coaches with National Championships seems like paying way over the odds to me, thus making us look desperate (which we may well be). By all means pay him $3m (maybe go $3.5) with performance based incentives, but I've heard Saban-esque numbers being touted by some, and if there's any truth to that then Boise can keep him.

    Compare Petersen's to the position Urban Meyer was in prior to heading to Florida, as in my opinion they're comparable... Utah (under Meyer) had just capped off an undefeated season with a victory over Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl (a bowl game Petersen knows well). Notre Dame and Florida both move for him, and rightfully so. Florida obviously won out, and he signed something like a 7yr. $14m contract.

    Urban Meyer has won two national championships; you can give him a blank check. He just signed a 6yr. $24m contract with retention bumps every two years starting 2014, and National Championship and academic milestone bonuses.
    Nick Saban has won two national championships; you can give him a blank check. I think he makes around $6m.
    Les Miles has won a national championship, and is on his way to a second; you can give him a blank check. He's currently at $3.75m + performance bonuses.

    Chris Petersen has done exceedingly well for a number of years at a college where there's only been one or two real real tests a season, and I just can't rationalize putting on par on pay with any of the above.

    I need to go game plan for Penn State now if you don't mind.

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