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Weekly Press Conference Thread - 11/13

  • Got both hoops coaches today also.

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  • Billy Kennedy

    Still a work in progress, can get better on defensive end, impressed with the ability to share the ball and ahead of taking care of the ball. When you're playing three guards you can turn the ball over at a frequent pace, but haven't done that yet.

    Think they can run better. Guards that can push the ball better. Can attack more and keep the tempo high in the game. All of the guards do a good job of getting in the lane and then scoring and passing off of it.

    Reese scores in practice. He's still learning what they want and trying to adjust his game from wher ehe was the primary everything to making the simple plays and just learning that as you mature it's harder to thread needles or make a tough play at this level, need to make the simple play and finding out where his offense is going to come from. It'll come, just need to be patient.

    Kourtney has been a pleasant surprise, hasn't practiced in ten months and to be able to play and have fresh legs is good to see. Last two teams had four guards and they had to go small, concerned about post defense.

    Trying to continue to improve. Troy is a hard team to play and a good team, could have contested shots better than they did last night. Can do a better job of shooters and getting out. Sometimes guys don't think those guys are going to shoot.

    21 assists and 8 turnovers was good to see, don't think they had 21 assists all of last season. Gives the team confidence. Caruso makes a good pass then Elston and everybody gets confidence.

    To go 18 of 20 at the line and continue to get to the line, those are good points. If they can continue to push tempo they've proven so far they're a good free throw team, surprised actually because of how bad they were last year, but that's how they want to play.

    We'll find out more at practice today and tomorrow, don't want to get a big head by any means, beaten teams they should have beaten. You find out more in practice than you do in the games sometimes. Still don't rebound well, still have a lot to improve on with the schedule they have over the next few weeks.

    When you look at minutes Elston is playing, Harris and Reese also, that's a concern. Hopefully as they play bigger teams they can play posts more and spread minutes out. Will have to play walk-ons at times.

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  • #FreeJohnnyFootball

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  • Gary Blair said he's trying to find "Betty Basketball"

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  • Damontre Moore

    There's been a buzz around campus since they've been back, experience was breathtaking, it doesn't happen that often and it's been good for this program and this community. Still kind of awe of experiencing the community and the town.

    Hundred of people waiting for them when they got back. One of the biggest spirit walks they've ever had. Heard people were driving in from Austin and Houston to meet the team. Still today walking around on campus and people are talking to them and getting excited.

    In the big picture that game can do a lot of things. Been hearing the phones going off the hook with recruits calling. People want to be part of this program, part of this city. A&M is here to stay. People doubted them but they're realizing they're here. Bringing a whole new light on the program, and not just for football, brings light to basketball soccer volleyball and everything.

    Feel like they haven't made the statement they want yet, not how you start, it's how you finish. Don't want to overlook anybody.

    Surprising but it's not on the defense because the transition of the scheme was challenging, but they know these guys, they work together, they sweat and bleed together, for them to have the success they're having they envisioned that. They knew what they were capable of.

    Williams and Carson are tremendous backs. To have that much talent and to face them in practice sets them up for good scheme and replication of Alabama. Not exactly the identical back, but the talent is there.

    Just believed in the coaching staff from day one and it's paid off.

    Said Manziel should win the Heisman. Never played a down of college football and breaking all these records, helping lead this team, would give him his Heisman vote.

    Said on the sidelines you have to take a sneak peak sometimes to witness “amazing” when Manziel is on the field.

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  • Malcome Kennedy

    Same play they ran against Ole Miss, Johnny did a great job of recognizing it.

    This is A&M, spirit is already high when they win or lose, but it's good to see students excited about something like this.

    Never imagined he could be part of this in high school. Coming to A&M was already a dream come true. Nobody expected that. Feels good to have everybody looking at them. Always knew they could do it.

    As Coach Sumlin said, it was a big win for the school and the program. This style could revolutionize the SEC. The things Johnny does and the way that they do things, they can't just go after bigger players.

    Coaches came in with a plan and told them how it would work, and it's worked out exactly how they said. It's crazy to see how they said it would work.

    Didn't really have doubts because when they started practicing they were tired every day. Knew the way that SEC defenses play it would be tough for them to match up with them.

    Sherman had a very complex system, it would take players years to learn. When Sumlin and Kingsbury came they explained the system and they got it in about four days. From there it was basically practicing tempo.

    Turn road games into their own stadium. They have a unique way of creating energy, but back at Kyle Field, it's going to get crazy.

    Swope is a beast, you look at the plays he makes and it makes you want to play the exact same way. Knew the Alabama defense felt bad after he took that big hit and then got up and let them know it didn't affect them. Those two plays he made changed the game.

    Manziel doesn't really say anything, he just knows he's supposed to make plays. They understand what he can do. His ability makes them that much more dangerous as an offense.

    He's been working on staying in the pocket and being more comfortable, but he just has to do what he does. That's why they're #1 in the SEC in third down conversions. What he's doing is alright to do and he's getting comfortable with that. Sometimes broken plays are the best plays.

    Simple offense makes it so much better because you don't think as much. All they do is look at the coverage and what the quarterback gives them, and that's it. Thinking really slows you down. Simple offense lets you clear your thoughts.

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  • Jonathan Stewart

    Have to keep focus, cherish the final games at Kyle Field.

    Kind of shocked Alabama at first, but then it was a great battle.

    It's going to be satisfying, going uphill right now but still have a season to finish. Alabama win is important for recruiting and everything, but that win is in the books. We can revisit it after the season, but during the season it's just one win. Now we just want to beat Sam Houston State.

    Kirby Ennis was good, Dustin Harris was good. Everybody wanted to make plays. Everybody wanted to be the guy to make the play.

    Have grown a lot. Never knew how fast the offense could go in the spring. Last year the offense went pretty fast, but first few days of spring practice were pretty tough. When they're on the sideline and they see the other defense out there dying, it's kind of funny.

    Team always though the offense would work. A lot of SEC teams can win by only scoring 21 points, but against A&M there's a good chance you're going to lose.

    Turnovers were huge.

    Sean and him have a couple of ways to contain Johnny, but won't say it, laughing. There's a way, but you have to reinvent the will.

    Sam can run the ball efficiently. They do “funky things” with their motion and sets. Haven't seen that.

    Right there with those guys, help them prepare a lot. Tra Carson goes hard every day. Last week he was spinning a lot to help them prepare for Eddie Lacy, those guys are helping them a lot.

    Excited to get back to Kyle Field. Always great to hear the crowd shut up and hear the Aggie War Hymn at the end of the game, but love playing at Kyle Field. Only have two opportunities left.

    All of the guys, nobody is selfish, want to see everyone have success. Swope had a heck of a game. Was proud of him, love that guy, he's always working hard and we expect it again this week.

    Have to make sure they don't take anybody lightly, have to make sure they prepare and take care of business and then see what happens at the end of the day.

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  • Spencer Nealy

    - Turnovers made a huge difference, espcially with the way they had been playing. McCarron broke a record for not turning the ball over, and they hadn't been great at getting turnovers this year.

    - Made a position switch off the scouting report, thought they were going to try to double team the crap out of him. Figured they'd put a bigger body to put a strain on those guys and let him just work Barrett Jones, but he got more double teams than Kirby (laughing.) They switched positions to avoid double teams but they followed him. Talked about it last week, had to get after those guys. Had a burning fire that they had to get out, had to beat those guys.

    - To this day playing Louisiana Tech later in the year was the biggest blessing because playing against Florida he had no idea how he would do and Florida gave him confidence. LSU set him back, those guys were big and ran a "power scoop." Got his swagger back against Miss. St. and it kept building up and he was ready to roll against Alabama, they could triple team him. Tried to stay in there as long as he could.

    - It's very satisying. Gone through a lot of tough games and adversity. Just one of those things where it was like 'cmon, give us a break." Playing Alabama after playing two great teams so close, couldn't let it get away from them. Still can't believe it, still waiting to wake up from a dream.

    - Sad he doesn't have another year. After winning that game, he and Coach Price hugged, if you didn't know he was married and that he liked girls alot, would have thought they were together. Put the pressure on them again.

    - Kirby had the game of his life. On the sack he kind of fell on the guy, but Kirby played lights out. Would love to stay with these guys. Jackson is phenomenal. Coach Sumlin's biggest fan. That guy is so cool. That's the best way to describe him. He's confident, he'll go into the game and tell them they're going to win. #1 team, it doesn't matter.

    - Kirby and him have been working after practice and before games on footwork, that's worked out.

    - Can't really forget about this win. But it's "on to Sam Houston, that's the socially acceptable thing to say."

    - Rare to say that you have a better away record than home record, kind of feel like they're letting the fans down winning on the road. A lot of SEC fans are nice, actually thanked the Alabama fans for being so kind. They were awesome. The stadiums are crazy, leaving there victorious, that's cool.

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  • Ryan Swope

    - going to be hard to top that...

    - Knew he was going to get hit but had to step up and make a play for the team. For a second he wasn't sure he would get up but knew he had to get up and send a message to Alabama.

    - Very interested in the Heisman trophy race, haven't had a guy in it in a long time. Hopeful that he can just keep doing what he's doing, but it's a team effort. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.

    - Repping the wheel route all week in practice and they were waiting for it to be called. Manziel was thinking the same thing and he put it right on the spot. When the ball was in the air he told himself he wasn't letting anyone else catch the football. It was cool coming down with it. It was a play they had put in that week. It was a great throw. He steps up in big moments and makes big plays. Hit Malcome Kennedy in the endzone, big time players make big time plays.

    - All about knowing the system. Every system is different and you go about it different. Spending more time in the film room or with the coach. A lot of it is preparation before the game and during the week. A lot more terminology with the old offense. Took them a while to learn it. Once you got it down. It's hard to learn, but then it gets clicking. This one is easier to learn, but then it comes to doing the little things in the film room and studying the opponent.

    - Obviously coming off of a high. Not really worried about it, have a great group of seniors that know what's in front of them, know what they have to accomplish. Have to realize what they've gotten themselves into and act like a mature football team.

    - Working with Kingsbury has been a lot of fun. Has energy, brings energy to the offense, makes it fun. He coaches with emotion and that's a ton of fun to play for. He's going to go for the throat. Whether it's third down or in practice, "we're practicing to win."

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  • Love it. Watching it, you can see him shake his head a couple of times right before he gets hit... It was almost like he was willing a concussion away... then gets up and lets out the primal scream. Love it.

    Really gonna miss seeing this guy every Saturday. Great Ag.

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  • Kevin Sumlin

    - "I don't think so. It doesn't when it comes to you guys. We went through yesterday. We have Sundays off for the players. We think it's good for them to be away from us and for us to be away from them win or lose." Family time, church time, whatever they want to do. Go over the game Monday, review film, look at how they can get better.

    - "That was really neat. As Coach Beatty would say, where he comes from that's what they call "a neat deal." We got wind of it and all of a sudden we were on the plane and where we landed and someone pulled out their ipad and showed him a photo of it."

    -"That's one of the reasons I was excited to come back here. Texas A&M is such a unique place, the only place in the country where 30,000 stand in the game. I don't' know how many people were there, but they hung around, our players enjoyed that. As happy as we were in Tuscaloosa, as happy as the players were,"

    - "Simplicity of what you're trying to do is all by design. You build off of principles. The complexity comes off of it's execution. Would rather have 11 guys know what you're going to do than have three guys know what you're doing and have it being very complex and complicated. College Football you only get 20 hours a week and you can't be with them more than four hours a day."

    - "Guys have to understand each other, not just one guy who understands his position. The better your team is the more one guy understands everybody's position. I would say that it was easy to grasp, that's a good thing, I'm glad he said that."

    - "Kingsbury has continued to grow. He's a really dedicated, hard working guy. He's one of the first guys in the office every day, always looking for new stuff, new wrinkles. Does a great job with the growth of all the quarterbacks. A lot of things that go into organization of staff and there's different ways to do things, he does a great job of organizing the staff." - Ultimately it's one guy that has to make tough decisions and he's grown through that. You can't have a bigger stage than what they've been on, and he's continued to grow and he's handled it.

    - "He all of the intangibles and all of the it factor, he's going to be a great head coach one day."

    - "We get to see him in practice, it's a lot like Kliff. You think some of the plays we run in the game are screwy you should see what we're doing at 5:00 on the practice fields." In the spring he was extremely careless with the football. He would make a great play but then give it to the defense. He's done a great job of taking care of the football and still creating offense. You look at a couple of the throws he's made, that vertical to swope. Those are great throws. Continued to develop mechanically, which is hard to do during the season. The greatest jumps at that position are between seasons. It's hard to get dramatically better week to week because of game plan and knowledge and those sort of things, in the offseason that's where mechanics and real film study come in. Not only him but I said going into the game last week that we're a different team from week one. Have to have a feel for what your players can and can't do. That's hard to know in practice. You don't really know what anybody is going to do until the pressure hits. Certain people will run from it, certain people will handle it, we've got a better feel for what guys can do and can't do over the course of the season.

    - Heisman Hype comes with winning. As you win, those types of things come. A lot of awards come. I was at the Home Depot awards a few years ago and I didn't see many losing coaches there or players off of losing teams. Handling winning and handling those types of things come with it.

    - "They're all different. Johnny is probably, he's completely different because of his ability to move around and extend plays. He can do it with his feet and with his arm, he's unique like that."

    - "He's gotten better since week one. We'll continue to work with him. One of his strengths is he's a competitor. He wants to be good."

    - "We have a lot to play for right now. Met with the seniors yesterday and really had a conversation with them, we've been through a stretch. They have two more games in their career at Kyle Field. Nobody will care as much about this game as (they seniors.) For all of them, it will be the last time they play at Kyle Field. We need their leadership right now. We're still in the hunt for a lot of different things right now and getting back home I think our guys will be excited."

    - "He's got to get better. We'll continue to work with him and we'll also continue to develop some other guys in the program, that's just the way it is. Until someone steps forward better than him, he's our guy. He's struggling with PAT's and field goals, but he's been a big factor in our wins from a kickoff standpoint with all of the touchbacks."

    - "The schedule is what it is, they aren't going to come in here and not think they're going to win."

    - "We let some people get behind us on some double move routes. That game is just a fantastic game from a team standpoint mentally. I don't think I've been in a louder place than it was in there the last part of that game. It would have been easy, you talk about the goalline stand, wouldn't have been possible if Toney Hurd doesn't still play with effort and get him on the ground. The whole thing we've talked about is the game's not over, don't quit." Hurd got beat and still gets him on the ground. Emphasizes to our team and to us that you never know, make the guys snap it again.

    - "Everyone was talking about him and saying you had to see him. Once you saw him, I didn't see him live but Kliff saw him, you see the video and it's just a highlight tape. His highlight tape, I didn't watch very much of it. You didn't have to watch it. There's a couple of guys that when coaches come back off the road and you need to see this, can we offer this guy, and you're like "why are you showing me this, you didn't offer him when you were there?" He's been that kind of player all long. He's very gifted athletically. The challenge of playing quarterback, that's difficult to do for a young guy. And handle the pressure that comes with it. Unlike any other position. He touches the ball every play. The ability to make mistakes go up dramatically and when he does they're critical.

    - "Texas A&M, the tradition, the resources, the gameday atmosphere, our location, everything's in place. Moving to the SEC was the next piece. Our recruiting classes reflect that."

    - Had some people out there in wait and see mode, other programs were telling them that they couldn't compete in the SEC, they've answered that. Have to make some critical decisions on who we're going to take and who we're not going to take.

    - Swope has been a great leader, plays with a lot of emotion. Blocking linebackers and bigger people and he's handled that.

    - "One of the great moments of last Saturday and the last few Saturdays is the seniors who were here, particularly guys like Porter and Swope who I talked about when I first got here... If you come back it's going to be a real special year for you, and it has been. This week and next week are extremely important for those guys."

    - "There's another senior. Guys are flying around. I didn't know who that was until Sunday. Actually I knew when I got off the bus because I asked 'Who was that that made that hit at the two yard line' and Dustin said it was me." "Shows you how hard those guys are playing."

    - Johnny gets a lot of credit, and so does Mike, but these seniors have made critical critical plays for us this season. When you have guys like him making that play or Nealy making a play in the backfield, it's not a coincidence those are the guys making those plays.

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  • Mark Snyder

    - Best plays of the season for the secondary. Baited some throws, made some big hits. That last play of the game, since LA Tech, at the end of every practice we run a two point play. They used it against Mississippi State and it saved them against Alabama. They were in two point play mode on the final play of the game on defense.

    - Howard Matthews continues to get better. Can still get better. He's proven that he can be a good football player when he wants to. Buy-in factor is there. He's working on the things he's not very good at.

    - DeShazor, as the game went, got more and more confidence. To be able to decipher that here comes a two point play on fourth down, in the first quarter wasn't seeing that.

    - Outstanding work by the two tackles. Wanted to put Nealy on the center to have a quicker guy there. Kirby was the player of the game, had his best game of the year.

    - Gotten better each and every week, confidence level has gotten better each and every week. Went out yesterday to practice, took the field and Jonathan Stewart and noted that they had the same secondary back there two weeks in a row for the first time all year.

    - Tra Carson was the man this week. Lacy is a spin runner, big back. Carson came in and watched film on those guys and spun all week, struggled with it early in the week.

    - Harris is trying his best to lead.

    - Maturity. That's maturity. Saw in a huddle during TV timeouts not a bunch of guys with looks on their faces saying please don't come my way, saw guys who wanted the play to come their way so they could make a play. See confidence going through the roof.

    - Thinks they're in better shape than other teams they play. Haven't seen other guys look fatigued yet other than Moore chasing down that guy at Miss st.

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  • Kliff Kingsbury

    - Johnny was a guy that you couldn't see on film what he could do as a quarterback, you had to drive to Kerrville to see what he could do.

    - Swope's catches were game changers. The spirit in which he plays and motivates a team, he jumps up off the field, that's huge.

    - That's how Swope plays since he's been there. Was an admirer of him before he got here.

    - Offense goes back to the Air Raid at Kentucky with Tim Couch. If you can get them playing faster and not thinking as much you're going to have a better product. You want them to play fast and play confident.

    - There's a playbook but it's "top top secret."

    - Competitiveness is Manziel's best aspect. He wants every throw to be perfect. He's either got it or he doesn't, but he has it.

    - Hope he continues to get better. It's up to him. Has the skill set to get better and better.

    - When you watch his footwork and how he came to balance and got through his throws, that's what you want to see as a quarterback's coach. He was playing to win.

    - Have to credit Sumlin, he basically promoted him from quality control to offensive coordinator and never sat in his meetings or questioned his calls.

    - Likes to have players write down routes and plays on their own.

    - Excited to be here, players giving good energy and great effort.

    - More aggressive than SEC defenses

    - I think the big deal with this team is watching them start to believe in themselves. Talk about it all summer but until you get out there and do it, people saying you can't do this or can't do that, but to get out there and do it has been fun to watch.

    - Never take a day off. Want to make every catch and every throw. Competitiveness makes it fun.

    - Tries not to show emotion but it just comes out. That's how he played. Liked seeing the players have success. Tried the "butt slap" becuase he thought it would get a reaction out of Sumlin who tries to act cool all the time.

    - Loves going out there each Saturday to see what Manziel might do next.

    - "It's about the players not the plays."

    - Always felt like the offense could work, never felt they had to prove anybody wrong.

    - Manziel would be successful in any system, and at wide receiver and at safety.

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  • Dustin Harris

    - We knew they weren't going to run because we'd been stopping the run the whole game. Knew McCarron was going to take it in his hands. Knew we had to let the front take care of the job. When he was running all over the field it was kind of making him mad. Knew he crossed the line so he came out of coverage and wanted to give his defense a chance on fourth down. Didn't want to have the feeling of LSU or Florida again. Just did what he was coached to do.

    - Best game of his career by far. After the game he hugged all the seniors, congratulated them on a good win that they earned, wasn't given to them. Knew what they had to come in and do and practice it. When it comes to game time it's about having fun.

    - It's not really concentration, it's trust. Have to have trust in the punt return team to block their man and focus on what they're doing at that time.

    - All of the seniors met yesterday to talk about how big that game was and how unfortunate it would be to lose focus because of it.

    - Let things go alot easier than in the past. Would dwell on plays, it would get to them, then bigger plays would be happening.

    - Carson is a big back like Lacey, he put on a performance in practice. His job is to make us look silly in practice and he did. We have to wrap up and tackle and that's what we've learned this season. Our scout defense preparing us for a game like that was big.

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  • To is what get teams are made of... I love to hear this!

    From IH-35 to IH-10... what then?