Weekly Press Conference Thread - 11/20

  • Well, here we go one last time at the Bright Complex. No Hoops coaches today so we'll see who shows up.

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  • Steven Terrell

    Looked back at things Missouri has had success doing. Know they're going to be ready to play and ready to win. Biggest thing from last year was the tackling, didn't tackle last well. Big focus this week. Have to make sure you make those plays that you didn't make the year before.

    They have a great group of receivers, taller than most groups they've faced. They throw the ball around a lot, have a good quarterback, good running game. Do a lot of quick passes to spread them out, similar to their offense so they've had practice against it.

    Likes that Sumlin is easy to talk to, can approach him about anything. He'll joke around with them but when it's time to get serious he'll get serious with them. That's part of the reason for success this year.

    Plan was to win every game, that didn't happen, but this is the best season he's been a part of. For coaches to come in, they just wanted to win. It wasn't too hard to buy into their system because they've had success. Feels good to play for something meaningful this week.

    It's been crazy. Was talking to Stewart about how they've been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Crazy the difference between the last game this year and last year.

    Best moments were beating Alabama, beating Nebraska and Oklahoma in 2010, worst was probably not having success they wanted to the last few years.

    Know they haven't had a ten win season in a while so they've talked about it, but they're just trying to go out on a good note.

    Missouri has had a lot of success against them, this week they really have to focus on coming to play and bring prepared for what they're bringing at them. Have to make sure they win this game and not go winless against Missouri. It's hard to lose at home in front of your home crowd.

    Green-Beckham can run, he's a fast guy. They get him screens and things like that. Every week they focus on their top receivers have to “do what we do.” Can't bust coverage, have to be on the same page.

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  • Jonathan Stewart

    Getting ten wins would mean a lot but they just want to go out with a win. Overall, ten wins would be good.

    Sumlin is a real cool. He's laid back and you can have a good time with him. It's not necessarily the coaches, it's the players on the team. Guys are making plays with they have the opportunity.

    Biggest difference for the defense is a want to. Seniors know it's their last go around. People were talking bad about them moving to the SEC. A combination of those things.

    Sure the fact that Missouri has beaten them twice is on everyone's mind. They want to change that. Play their brand of football.

    As it gets closer to Saturday it will be in the senior's minds more, but overall trying to make sure they go out the right way.

    Ryan Swope might be the most emotional of the seniors.

    There's been a lot of adjustments over the last year, but that's just how life is. Just played football and let everything else take care of itself.

    Missouri goes as James Franklin goes. He's a good quarterback, built like a running back, tough offense to stop. Have to make one-on-one tackles.

    Preparing for Franklin, if the backup comes in they'll have to adjust and prepare for him also.

    Everyone was in shell shock freshman year. Got experience as a young class. Matured with every game and every day and still maturing and try to get better. Want to end their final season the right way.

    Richardson's spirits are good. He doesn't know anything on his rehab but said “football is secondary.”

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  • Patrick Lewis

    Special game. Just wants to get a win on Kyle Field. Haven't been successful against Missouri doing that. Would be nice to have a big win and a ten win season for the A&M football family.

    A lot of added motivation. Not hard to create any energy for this game knowing that they've beat us twice at Kyle Field. A lot of that was mistakes as teams, plan on going out there with a lot of energy. Unacceptable to lose two years in a row on your home field.

    Middle of the season the offense started really clicking, started to know it like the back of his hand. Was easy to go fast and not think twice about it.

    Different attitude from thanksgiving game last year. Record shows it's for the better. Attitude is completely different.

    Senior year was his last Thanksgiving, not sure what they're going to do yet.

    He'd have thought in August that snapping to a Heisman candidate and winning 10 games was doable. Fought hard in the offseason and competed. Played for each other and that's what led to success this season.

    Manziel is “my little brother.”

    Joeckel being an Outland finalists is well deserved played hard since he's been here Luke and Jake have done a great job being themselves. Knew they were supposed to be good and they've been consistent in what they do. They really do a good job of competing against each other. They do the litlte things that make great offensive linemen.

    Swope came in as a running back in fall camp and when they moved him it was all history from there.

    Never really thought about the fact that he snapped the ball to Johnson, Tannehill and Manziel. Can take pride in the fact that he's snapped the ball for three of the best quarterbacks in A&M history.

    Going to be hurtful to know that's your final game on Kyle Field. It's going to be sentimental knowing that you're never going to play on that field again.

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  • Uzoma Nwachukwu

    Come a long way as a unit. Look at the first game, didn't know how the offense was going to run, didn't know the way Johnny likes to play, it was an adjustment.

    It's surprising that they've adjusted to Manziel because of the way that he plays but they work scramble drill a lot. Understanding where he wants to go with the ball sometimes has been tough.

    Anytime a DB says the quarterback running he tenses up. Can tell they're nervous about what they should do.

    Manziel is faster than he thought he was at first. Defensive backs underestimate him. Might be the second fastest WR if he played that position.

    Wrs alwsays have pressure no matter where they're playing.

    Been blessed with some great quarterbacks. To be able to play with Jerrod, Tannehill and Johnny, it's been a blessing. Lucky to be at a school that can recruit those guys. Him and Swope have been through a lot, almost had to teach him how to run routes and now he's one of those guys teaching other people.

    Added motivation with not beating Missouri. Can't go out the right way without finishing this game. There's motivation for that and guys are harping on it. To go out the right way and right those wrongs would be amazing.

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  • Glad these guys are focused. Should be a great day of football for the seniors.

    -- If you're gonna be a bear, BE A GRIZZLY! --

  • Spencer Nealy

    Can't even think of what he likes best about Sumlin, but he's real, he tells you how it is.

    Nealy told Joeckel that if he wins the Outland that he'll be really proud of him, would feel like he's winning the award.

    Last year losing to Texas “sucked” knowing they should have won that game, felt like they let the whole Aggie community down. Would love to play Texas again.

    Wants the best bowl, but playing against Texas in Cotton would be “phenomenal.” Losing to them “killed him.”

    Knew Swope was going to be a superstar when he saw him with his flat-billed Yankee hat freshman year. Remembers being intimidated by those guys. Those guys looked the part. Kind of scary.

    To this day Lewis is the best center he's faced. Appreciate him in practice because of how good he us. People don't understand how good he really is, he's the general for the O-line, he's consistently been there. “Pat's the man.”

    Kinda heartbreaking that this is his last game at Kyle Field. You don't think about it when you have more than one week left, but now he's starting to think about it. You don't have another week.

    Hosted Manziel for his recruiting visit. Doesn't want to, but has to take credit for it. Manziel had a good time. Stole him from Oregon and now look at him. When they build him a statue want a little plaque at the bottom.

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  • "Hosted Manziel for his recruiting visit. Doesn't want to, but has to take credit for it. Manziel had a good time. Stole him from Oregon and now look at him. When they build him a statue want a little plaque at the bottom."

    hahaha, man i don't want Nealy to leave. We should hire him directly after this year as motivational/effort/energy coach.

  • New title in the AD "Motivational GA"

    Requires head banging, lots of raising arms to the sky, dip in at all times and yelling. Bow and arrow sack dances encouraged.

  • Ryan Swope

    Says Nealy will be the first to cry, but probably everyone will. Going to be an emotional night.

    Never really thought about it, but cool that he played with Johnson, Tannehill and Manziel. All very different in their own way and all going to go down in history here. Can't wait to see what they can do in the future, but humbling to be a part of that.

    Didn't know what to expect when he was moved to wide receiver. Was targeted as an athlete and didn't know what he would play. Slowly he started learning receiver, Tannehill taught him how to play it and here is today thankful to be part of the records. Really tips hat to teammates who have helped him achieve those records.

    Lewis isn't a guy that talks about himself at all, he's a team player. He's been fun to play for and a great friend on the team. He's a guy everyone looks up to. Wants to win, makes the right decisions, great student. Everything he's done for the univeristy is special. Hope for the best for a guy like that.

    Didn't know if he'd able to last living with Nealy because “he's such a pig”, Nealy tries to take credit for the “bama bang swag.”

    Was close to leaving for the NFL. Would wake up one day and think he was going to leave and then the next day he wouldn't. Had to follow his heart and pray about it and he had to follow his heart and come back and experience the SEC and the fans. That's what he didn't want to leave. Been an amazing journey with the fans in Kyle Field and the traditions. One thing he couldn't leave behind. Season has ended up better than he thought it would be, is going to go down in history. To be the first class to compete in the SEC, cool to be a part of that and a part of a winning season.

    Playing Texas would be an interesting game. Wouldn't be any better way to go out than playing Texas. Such a great game for the fans and the schools because they've been playing for so long.

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  • Nealy seems to be right on the edge all the time anyway and I'm thinking he might absolutely go off this week in his last game on Kyle field...

  • Kevin Sumlin

    In the past they practice early on Thursday and then meet and get everyone out by 11/11:30. Gives guys a chance that are making trips 3-4 hours away can get there. Push things back a bit on Friday so guys don't have to get up and rush to get back. Guys that want to go home can get there and back reasonably well. Will have Thanksgiving here for guys that live too far away.

    Richardson was at the team meeting yesterday. Was trying to get out of hospital Sunday Night, that was a shock. He played the whole second half. He thinks it happened early in the third quarter. You look at the X-Ray and it's a miracle, nothing short of it, could have been a catastrophic situation. Isn't even worried about football right now. They haven't even talked about it.

    Thomas Johnson is still with his family, is working through that.

    Playing a team that nobody on this football team has ever beaten.

    Senior day will be a big deal. Will me an emotional situation to start that game for a lot of people. For the coaches and for the players. To do what those guys have done this year. What has transpired this season with a new coaching staff, new quarterback thrown in two weeks before the season, first game cancelled by a hurricane and now playing 11 straight weeks. It's nothing short of amazing. That takes leadership to handle all of that. Effort has never been an issue with this team. From his standpoint, you can't do that without senior leaderhsip. You're only with them so much as a coach, it's in the locker room where people have to be held accountable. Told them in the team meeting he has to ask them to do it just one more week.

    Patrick does everything up front. Gets them targeted in the run game, sets protections in the passing game. Like he said, he was tired of yelling at him because they can't do anything until Lewis gets to the ball. Harder when you're 300 something pounds and the coach is yelling at you to get on the ball. “We couldn't do anything without him.” Starts with him every time. If he's walking or slow to the ball, then the tempo is slow, he does all that stuff. He's done a great job. He's had some “hell-acious” matchups this season from Florida right on down the line. He's the only senior on that line, but he's been a leader the whole time. He's in pretty good shape for 300 something point, he's been critical.

    As a coach you really don't have to enjoy a lot of things until it's over with. You're always going to the next deal or the next game. After the season you do a lot of reflection, but it's been fun. How guys have come together, that's the biggest deal. From the beginning where there was a lot of tension to now where there's some ease in talking with guys that have nothing to do with football. That's what makes coaching a lot of fun. Were talking last night with the defensive staff, amazing how fast this season has gone by. Took a while to get it started and then it's been “boom-boom-boom.” It'll be an emotional day.

    Joeckel and Matthews are “big, athletic and smart.” They've played a lot of football. They've got the tools to handle it, they're confident. They're juniors but they have as much experience as anyone in the country. As a team gets better and you go over and do one on one pass rush and you're blocking Damontre Moore, they're both getting better. As your talent level rises on your team, then guys get better across the board by practicing against good players. Then the confidence goes up when it comes to game time. Those two understand the game, know what's going on, extremely talented guys and tough guys. That whole offensive line has done a heck of a job.

    Dad didn't want him to be a coach. You don't want your kids to be a coach. He thought about being a lot of different things. At one point he was going to go to law school, but that didn't work out.

    After Florida, everyone understood they could be a good team, but to win they had to clean some things up. To be that close to winning that game, it was easier to talk to the team about what they needed to do to get over the hump. Sean Porter was extremely upset after that game. Being upset isn't going to do anything, here's what they had to do. Can't do it by talking about it. Guys made a step after that.

    Seniors have the hardest time because they didn't sign up for you. Everyone else has a year or two to adjust, these guys have 8 months. For most of them, they'll never play football again. Their experience, he's very sensitive to that. Anybody who's been a part of something like that, your senior year is probably what you're going to remember most.

    Senior linebackers have done a great job. Porter and Stewart have made big plays with big sacks.

    Missouri is a team that with Franklin in and out of the lineup that's hurt them from a continuity standpoint, but they're talented. They have excellent receivers. They've struggled for whatever reason, quarterbacks going in and out, you lose your starting guy, there's a reason he's the starter. They lead the league in kickoff and punt returns, excellent return game. They're playing to be bowl eligible. Both teams have a lot to play for. Last time he checked “they haven't lost here in a while.”

    SEC is what everybody says it is. It's a line of scrimmage league. A lot of talented guys in front, a lot of depth, with speed. It's the emotional and physical grind. You watch different teams go through it, playing good at certain points and then go back to back to back. No matter who you are you have that. Physically, emotionally, to do that at this age, to handle that, particularly on the road is very very difficult.

    This weekend, with everything that's there, and with the seniors, need a great effort from the fans this week. Seniors deserve that. It'll be an emotional time for them, but a great way to end their career with their last game at Kyle Field.

    The Heisman is "the biggest individual honor their is in college football." It's a big deal, you can tell that because many schools don't have one. It's a big deal even to be in that conversation, let alone win it.

    Won't go as far as Bear Bryant in saying that if the doesn't win it, they should get rid of it.

    "If you look at his numbers and what he has done compared to everyone else that is playing the game, they speak for themselves."

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  • Mark Snyder

    Way Missouri spread it out is a concern. Good receivers, good running back, good quarterback, have to defend side to side and vertical.

    Proud of the way the defense has played this season, so many emotions that come to mind. Have had to piece things together. Guys have played multiple positions.

    Nealy is the energizer bunny, keeps things upbeat at practice. Becomes a bit of groundhog day when you don't have bye weeks.

    Was surprised Moore wasn't a finalist for some of the national awards. A lot of it is preseason stuff, but when you look at the big picture, he moved to positions and excelled at it. Not taking anything away from guys that are in the mix, but Moore is in that mix.

    Richardson is a great kid, one of his favorites.

    Those two guys are the coaches on the field (Porter and Stewart) took about halfway through the season. Told them before the season they “had to be in my head.” You know you have something going on when guys are coming to the sideline and adding ideas. “When it's my idea it's a good idea when it's your idea it's a great idea.”

    Manziel's season is up there with Troy Smith, Manziel probably has better numbers than Troy Smith had.

    Joeckel and Matthews have definitely made the defensive line better.

    It's been a good year. Were excited to be here, thought they could compete in the SEC. Secret to everyone else but they knew it. Looking at where they are now compared to spring practice, it's crazy.

    Secondary needs to continue to make progress. Not as veteran back there as they are at linebacker or defensive end. Had to move pieces and that's pretty hard to do when you're youthful. Done a pretty good job of it. Hope in the future that continues to become a strength because of what they've had to do.

    Snyder said they need the fans on Saturday against a no-huddle spread offense.

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  • Kliff Kingsbury

    Manziel's Heisman status is “above my paygrade”

    To do what he's done in that conference, has been fun to watch.

    Kind of “fell into” working with Sumlin. Came with Holgerson and he asked him to stay on.

    He's learned a lot about how to treat players, other coaches, team management. Been around some big time coaches and he's been as good as any at handling players and handling coaches.

    Lewis has been huge. Probably the most underrated player on the entire team, especially because of how much pressure they put on him. Has been as good at in-game adjustments as anyone he's been around.

    Missouri has a good defense, very diverse schematically, will be a serious challenge for them.

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  • I keep refreshing hoping Johnny is next, guess I should stop trying to break my F5 key. cry