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Who Are Your Pre-Season 2013/14 NC Contenders?

  • I guess I'll give it a go. Let's start with offensive line. I guess you're just not very familiar with our situation. You think "Oh my! They lost Joeckel, they're gonna suck without him." Wrong. You see, we're replacing him with another future top 10 pick, All-American, Outland favorite Jake Matthews. No drop off there. At RT we slide out Cedric Ogbuehi who was our RG last year. He is better tackle than guard (and he was pretty dang good guard) and NFL scouts have been quoted as saying he's a future first round pick. Thats a fact. I didn't make that up. The only reason he's played guard is because Joeckel and Matthews were already there. Jarvis Harrison returns at LG. At C, we replace Lewis with another Matthews, Jake's little brother Mike. He was the #1 center in the nation coming out of high school. He had a year behind Pat to learn the ropes, and now its his turn. Not a concern. At RG we currently have a battle, and the current leader is Germain Ifedi, a 6'6" 330 lb. mauler who has quick feet. He is probably more physically suited to play guard than Ogbuehi was. Will the OL be top 2 nation again? Maybe, Maybe not. But it will be top 10. People who think the flood gates are suddenly going to open on Johnny and he's gonna get tons of pressure don't understand football. As Sam Montgomery said, Johnny Football forces you sit back and not rush hard against him. You just can't afford to do it. Pass blocking, not a concern. Matthews is a better run blocker than Joeckel. Ogbuehi further developed his run blocking by playing guard, and Ifedi brings more than enough size to the run game. If there is any concern at all, it's little Matthews not being quite big enough yet, but knowing how the Matthews boys play over time, it probably won't be an issue.

    Moving onto RB, it'll be better without a doubt. Most of the year, Ben and C-Mike were the main weapons. Trey mostly saw mop up time until the cotton bowl because he was still learning the offense. Malena returns as starter and adding Trey and Brandon Williams to the starting rotation gives two 5* homerun hitters. They can score at any moment. You didn't see that much last year. Plus, you add the most underrated guy in the group in 6'0" 230+ Oregon transfer Tra Carson who is a true power back and won't go down without more than one tackler. RB corps will much better and deeper.

    Now we reach the WR's. You're right. We lose 4 of our top 5 WR's. What you fail to mention is what we return and what we gain. Mike Evans, our leading receiver, is back and healthy (he played half of last year on a bum hamstring and still dominated). Malcome Kennedy was in the rotation last year at slot (actually had more catches and yards than starter Kenric McNeal) and he is going to be a big part of the WR corps. During the second half of the season, Malcome produced as much as anyone and had a really good connection with Johnny especially when he scrambles. Backups Derel Walker and Sabian Holmes should be in the rotation this year with a year of experience under the belt, but its the new guys that are bringing in the buckets of talent. First off, coming off a redshirt year (co-Scout team MVP with Carson, coaches raved about him) is 6'4" former US Army All American Ed Pope. He's thin, but he is very smooth and very hard to cover. Coming in the midterm is the #1 prep WR in the nation and the top prospect in GA in 2012 in 6'3 Jaquay Williams. He's a Justin Blackmon-clone. Speed, size, and attacks the ball. Coming in the summer, #1 ATH in the nation 6'5" Ricky Seals-Jones. Physical specimen. He's raw at WR, but he's a biger and faster Mike Evans. The best part is that he'll have Mike to mentor him. Mike knows how to turn that raw athleticism into WR production. He's the perfect guy to bring RSJ along. Next is 6'3" (former LSU commit) Kyrion Parker.Outstanding body control and ability to get to the ball. He has a knack for sneaking past the defense and is a big threat to play early. In addition to this stockpile of giant WRs are 3 blazing fast slot WRs. In this group are Under Armour All-Americans Laquvionte Gonzalez (fastest player in TX, best footwork in the nation, Desean Jackson clone) and Sebastian Larue (former USC commit, big time deep threat). Also coming in is The Flyin Hawaiian Jeremy Tabuyo who has been clocked running a 4.34. Another you didn't see much last year is a true TE, but this year you'll see big 6'6" 270 Cam Clear. He's an imposing figure who can move very well, and the coaches have said he has great hands thus far in spring practice. This great array of size and speed will provide this offense a ton of mismatch opportunities. No matter what a defense tries to cover with, we have the personnel and scheme to provide mismatches.

    Before you say, "well freshman can't contribute early" (Which we know is false, see Manziel, Johnny; Gurley, Todd; Yeldon, TJ; Cooper, Amari; etc.) don't forget who makes this offense go. It's only the greatest football player in college football right now, Johnny Manziel. The guy who makes a DC completely change his game plan. The guy who can beat you with his arm just as well as his legs. The guy who makes defense sit back and play safe because they know he'll make them pay if they slip. The guy who can make you wrong even if you do everything right. He is the master of the broken play. As Ben Malena said, "no matter what the defense does, they're wrong, and even when they're right we still have Johnny Manziel." Oh, and this time he gets a full offseason with first team reps. He's not splitting time or worried about competition. His goal is to win a national championship, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to do it. He gets better every time you see him, and he's only going to get better next year. Alabama knew what he brought to the table last year. He wasn't a secret in November. They just couldn't stop him. Oklahoma had a month to prepare. He only went on to have one of the best bowl performances ever. And that's even with all the "distractions" that were and still are supposed to steer him off course. Nothing phases him. His only goal is to win. Period. As for our new OC, maybe you didn't see the Cotton Bowl where McKinney was OC. The playcalling and execution was nearly flawless. He even added a lot of subtle new wrinkles. He is every bit as creative and skilled as Kingsbury. The cotton bowl is evidence, plus KK's only flaw was his stubborn refusal to commit to running the ball. LSU was practically begging him to run the way their defense was aligned, but KK's instinct is to pass. McKinney is the RB coach. He won't have that issue. He is more balanced. He coordinated the run the game last year too. You don't understand that playcalling is a group effort. KK was just the trigger man. Now McKinney. Once again, not a concern.

    So in conclusion, an OL that will be almost or just as good, a deeper and more talented RB corps, deeper and more talented WRs with a variety of weapons, and a more experienced, reigning Heisman winner at QB all at the disposal to a very balanced and creative play caller. The offense will be better. There's your rational analysis. As for yours, I wouldn't be so proud to have a lot of you offensive starters(*cough*mettenberger*cough*) back seeing as they were what held you back last year. Especially with a failed NFL OC in charge. And with your defense having a lot more question marks than our offense, for you to not be the least bit concerned about your defense yet mock our optimism about our offense is quite laughable and quite frankly hypocritical. So sorry, you're wrong, but thanks for playing!

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  • Boom goes the dynamite you corndog smelling MF. Good write up ^. Had to scroll back up and see if that was Hamm/Bloom that wrote that.

  • Just for the record, below are the actual attendances for the Bama, MSST, and Ole Miss games last year (not sure why it was said that Death Valley was "empty" for the final 2 games):

    Bama- 93,374

    Mississippi State- 92,831

    Ole Miss- 92,872

    Yes, the fans' enthusiasm dropped off after the loss to Bama, but LSU fans are hardly considered "bandwagon" fans who jump off after the first defeat. Also, this will be A&M first time playing in Baton Rouge in almost 20 years, restoring the old rivarly from years past. Even if LSU losses every game next year, I can guarantee you there will be 90,000+ fans at the A&M game. Ya'll have given us more than enough reason to carry on the hate from our previous rivarly... good luck next season and BEAT BAMA!!

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  • I hate these damn cajuns as much as the next Ag but to call them "bandwagon" fans or to discount the home field advantage they posses is just silly.

    Death Valley, like Kyle, is a special place that is tough to win in.

    Ags will need to be at their best to leave Baton Rouge with a W.

  • Already have my tickets. Of all the stadiums I've been to, LSU was always the most intimidating. Looking forward to a great game.

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  • yea, any Ag who's downplaying Death Valley or the LSU football program, just shut up, you look stupid.

    But as far as next season goes.... A&M is a legit NC contender & LSU isn't. It's just what it is. But Death Valley will be Death Valley, they will have athletes & our road has to travel through it.

  • Good eval of the 2013 offense. I truly believe this offense will be the best in NCAA football next year (Top 5 and hardest to stop at the very least). However, it's not the offense I'm worried about. I think expectations are too high given that A&M has a TON of questions on defense for 2013. It's not just plug and play and teams usually don't win championships relying on inexperienced depth and true freshmen on defense. I was at the SHSU game last year and it was the first glimpse at how underwhelming many of our defensive back-ups's a very real cause for concern. I don't think you can easily replace Moore, Nealy, Porter, Stewart, and Terrell with unproven back-ups and true freshmen (both talent and leadership-wise). A&M is not to the point yet where it has stacked 3-4 great recruiting classes and can easily replace so many defensive losses to graduation and the NFL. We were already a bend but don't break defense in 2012...the margin for error is razor thin and even a small drop-off could result in the 2013 season being hamstrung by the D. I think this is a very fair concern and I think the publications picking A&M in the Top 2-3 have a limited understanding of the A&M defensive situation. Now, can Baggs, Raven, Williams, Sanders, Dev Harris, Alexander, and the Taylor Bros. all make significant strides and competently plug the holes on defense? Sure, it's possible. But right now I think fans are taking an awful lot of unproven defensive back-ups and freshmen for granted and penciling in production that isn't there...

    Truthfully, just looking at the depth chart, I think A&M is best built for a Championship run is 2014 (if Manziel is back). They would likely lose only two defensive starters and two offensive starters (assuming no other defections to the NFL), the 2013 class will be in the system for a full year, and I expect some heavy hitters at key positions to be able to play immediately out of the 2014 recruiting class.

  • A&Ms offensive line looks outstanding. they just added another first rounder at tackle. Already have jake Matthews as a 1st round left, and have a 2nd round guard.

    now, LSU returns a lot of players on offense. But your problem is that you have a sucky QB, a poor offensive scheme, and receivers thay can't catch bc they have no experience getting thrown to. no amunt of NFL scheming can fix that. You're a run first team and that isnt going to change this fall. You're hanging your hat on the fact that you beat A&M, but y'all caught them on a bad day and didn't dominate the game by any means.

    LSU takes a big step back his fall. You can't win the SEC with a sucky QB.

  • We need to tap the brakes on MNC predictions. We have no idea what our defense will look like up front and thats how you win the close games to get to the MNC.

  • Okay man, ya'll have just finished your FIRST SEC season, please dont try to tell us "what it takes to win in the SEC"... did you forget that LSU was 13-1 and won the SEC in 2011 with freaking Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee as the QBs?

    I get it, QB is the most important position on a football team... and Mettenberger is not a star or anything, but he is a lot better than what we had in the past. We had Jefferson and Lee as our starters in 2009, 2010, & 2011 and compiled an overall record of 33-7 (83% winning %), including a win over A&M in the Cotton Bowl where Jefferson looked like an All American cadidate lol!

    And I've seen a few people say that "LSU's NFL offensive scheme just doesnt work in college football"... but Cameron was just hired as our OC for this year. So this will be our first year running an "NFL offense", and we may want to wait to see how this year goes before we say that it "can't work in college". We had our OL coach acting as the OC for the past few years because the OC we hired (Krags) was medically unable to perform his duties as OC. Obviously LSU's offense has struggled in the past few years, but I definitely think Cameron will improve our offense as a whole.

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  • Nice comeback, considering there is no true way to support the draft projections of a current college player since he is, after all, still in college. It's ok, keep trying to ignore that A&M very likely has first round tackles in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 draft, unless the new right tackle declares this year, which is doubtful since he would slide to the left side. If anything will hold the 2013 team back, it will be the defense. Simple as that.

    Your logic is boggling my mind

  • Sorry Tiger fans, the NFL will never work in college.

  • Sorry Tiger fans, the NFL will never work in college.

  • "I know Alabama, and you, sir, are no Alabama."

    -Some famous guy.

    Maybe posting's just not your game. I know, let's have a spelling contest.

  • Michael Scarn. 10 posts? Sounds like the LSU moron Taylor banned last week. They can't get enough of our site. Must be why they are so confident.