Video: Hall Explains Decision

Daeshon Hall talks Texas A&M

Many recruits know where they’re going to sign, but keep it a secret leading up to signing day. That wasn’t the case for Daeshon Hall, who said today after his signing ceremony that he didn’t decide until late last night that he was going to switch from Washington to Texas A&M.

“Midnight, one o’clock, me and my cousin and my family we were all talking. I was going to go to Washington, Washington is where my home is at, but at the same time my immediate family, my mom and my brother who have been there for me since day one, I didn’t want them to have to travel to see me play and stuff and I thought the SEC would be a conference to showcase my skills in,” he said.

Though distance was a factor, Hall also said that the Aggies have a lot going for them right now.

“They’re just doing a lot of things, they’re hot right now. The defense played good this year, the offense played good, I think if there’s a balance, you win big, so that’s what I wanted to do.”

Hall was the only player not on the A&M commit list to sign with the Aggies today, so when he called Kevin Sumlin and the coaching staff this morning, he said the reaction was pretty good.

“I talked to them, they were fired up, it sounded like a big party,” he said.

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