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The Fri. Debate: Mike Slive Edition

A year ago a potential move to the SEC was a divisive issue amongst Aggie fans, but this time around it seems like Aggies have much more solidarity about a potential move.

Would you bring Florida State into the SEC?

But SEC or not SEC is not the Friday debate. No, that would be too easy.

This weeks Friday debate is as follows: If you were SEC commissioner Mike Slive, how many teams would you like to see the SEC expand to? And which team(s) would you like to see join the Aggies?

The Candidates

Clemson - ACC

Aggies got a taste of Clemson tradition in 2004 and 2005 when they split a home and home series with the Tigers. Clemson is also, like A&M, a public land grant institution.

Florida State - ACC

One of the nation’s best known teams, the Florida State Seminoles would add another power program to the SEC. Florida State also already has a natural rival in the conference.

Louisville - Big East

How do Aggie fans feel about Oklahoma coming along?

The Cardinals have had mixed success on the football field, but are a basketball power. Their inclusion in the SEC would likely give them a bump on the gridiron.

North Carolina - ACC

All things equal, North Carolina would be a prime suspect for the SEC, but their ties to NC State, as well as traditional Tobacco Road rivalries are going to be hard to pry the Tar Heels away from.

Oklahoma - Big 12

The Sooners would be an interesting partner for the Aggies. Certainly the SEC would love to have one of the nation’s premier football programs, but the Sooners seem unable to make a move without Oklahoma State. However, would Aggies even want the Sooners? A program that traditionally recruits Texas well is probably not what the Aggies are looking for.

Missouri - Big 12

The Tigers would bring new markets to the SEC, and a familiar foe to the Aggies. They recruit Texas, but the Aggies rarely go heads up with the Tigers. Also, Missouri has consistently made it clear that they’re no fans of the setup in the Big 12.

Virginia Tech - ACC

Does Clemson earn a spot in your SEC?

The Hokies are probably the favorites here. Aggie fans are familiar with Virginia Tech, having played a series against them in the early 2000’s, and they know the similarities between the two schools. Both land grant schools, both agriculture schools, and both with proud traditions in their corps of cadets.

Georgia Tech - ACC

Though a great fit geographically, Georgia Tech doesn’t bring any new markets to the SEC, and though they’ve had some success in the ACC, where would they fit in the SEC?

Let the debate begin

Taylor’s Take - 16 teams with Florida State, Oklahoma and Clemson. Why take baby steps when the end looks inevitable. If 16 team super conferences gets everybody one step closer to a college playoff then I’m all for it, and Florida State, Oklahoma and Clemson are the best programs available.

Aubrey’s Take - 14 teams, Virginia Tech. Nothing is inevitable in college sports, and with 14 teams you would still have the feel of a conference and not the feeling of two conferences with a combined championship game. You could play 6 intra-divisional games and then 3 games against the other division and still have 3 non-conference games. Virginia Tech is a nationally recognized program that fits in the SEC geographically and culturally, but also brings new markets and new fans to the conference.

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