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Two to Watch

College football's biggest star in a room with 1,000 reporters? This should be fun.

SEC Media Days: When you get sports writers desperate for a story in the barren wasteland of the offseason combined with almost zero media availabilities over the last few months, you get the madness that is SEC media days. Whether it’s the veteran guys who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions or younger writers who aren’t afraid to ask something weird in all-important quest for page views, you never really know what you might hear at SEC media days. Especially with Johnny Manziel in attendance.

MLB Home Run Derby: Sure, why not? It’s the best part of the MLB All-Star break, and it’s certainly more entertaining than the actual game itself.

Four to Remember

Brian Vickers – NASCAR Vickers ended a 79 race winless streak with a win at New Hampshire over the weekend in one of the better sports stories you’ll see. A few years ago Vickers had surgery to repair a hole in his heart and had stints put in, and most folks considered him gone from racing.

Marshall Henderson – NCAAB Henderson makes “The four” this week because of some bad news. The, shall we say, polarizing Ole Miss guard was suspended last week after another drug related incident. Could this be the final straw for Henderson?

Ryan Clady – Denver Broncos How many left tackles could the average NFL fan name? Well, Clady should probably be one of them after the Broncos have signed him to a 5 year, $52.5 million contract over the weekend.

Kevin Sumlin A&M’s head coach showed a little bit of his softer side with his recent four-part sit-down with Brent Zwerneman. The videos can be found on Zwerneman’s YouTube page, and are definitely recommended viewing for any A&M fan.

Seven Thoughts

- Oh, Johnny Manziel. I’m not one to worry about his reputation, because quite frankly unless he’s actually doing something seriously wrong, I’m not sure why we care. Look at it this way, how many more headlines has Manziel gotten for possibly being hungover at the Manning Academy than Jeremy Hill has gotten for actually hitting someone? It’s ridiculous. All I’ll say about Manziel’s recent story is this though, when you woke up Sunday and heard the rumors, was your initial reaction something like “Yeah, I could totally see him doing that.” That could be a problem for Manziel down the road when he’s talking with NFL teams.

- SEC Media Days should provide plenty of things to talk about this week, but again, do any of them really matter? What coach is going to say something he shouldn’t, what player is going to actually say anything worth writing down? Any of them? One thing is for sure, there will be some media who let fly with ridiculous questions in the hopes of catching someone off guard.

- One thing to keep a bit of an eye on this week is to see if Kevin Sumlin announces any suspensions for anybody. He sometimes likes to slide that sort of news in the back end of a longer comment. While I still don’t expect to see any suspensions for Floyd Raven and Deshazor Everett, the Kirby Ennis situation has never been fully explained by Sumlin.

- If you’re looking for a player who might step off the beaten path and actually say something worth hearing, Toney Hurd is probably the best bet for A&M. Hurd has given some pretty funny answers in press conferences in the past, and could stray from the more pc-style answers you’re probably going to hear from Jake Matthews and Johnny Manziel.

- One of the big topics of conversation this week is going to continue to be the SEC football schedule and potentially moving to 9 games. Don’t be surprised if every single coach that gets up there on the podium has to talk about what scheduling format they’d prefer.

- I do hope though that someone can stir up a few hornets talking about no-huddle offenses. Both Nick Saban and Bret Beilema have questioned them this off-season. Why do I hope it gets brought up? Because unlike 99% of the stuff that comes out of the media days, this one would actually be football related.

- Finally, I’m going to use my seventh thought to give some props to Jeff Howe, Blake Munroe, Brian Perroni and Taylor Hamm who did an incredible job covering the Texas 7 on 7 tournament last week. Covering an event like 7 on 7 is an absolute grind because of the heat and how many players you need to talk to, and at the end of the day you usually just want to pound out some quick thoughts and grab a cold one and sleep. However, the guys were able to put together some really good content for you folks last week and they deserve some credit (or at least a few days inside) for that.

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